What’s On my iPod 4/18/2015

I’ve returned to k-pop.

1. I’m Different- Hi Suhyun

2. Crazy Sexy Wild- INNA

3. Number Nine- T-ara

4. Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj)- David Guetta

5. Go Crazy- 2PM

6. Catallena- Orange Caramell

7. On and On- VIXX

8. Red Light- f(x)

9. Whatcha Doin’ Today- 4MINUTE

10. Sugar-Free- T-ara

11. Danger- BTS

12. Catch Me If You Can- Girls’ Generation


G-Dragon and Cultural Appropriation

All terms regarding Korea in this post are referring to South Korea only.

Since I was a new bat mitzvah (13 years old), I have followed BIGBANG, a South Korean pop group. They are part of YG Entertainment, a label that is known for its artists who typically perform Western hip hop music. Despite their huge success, this group, especially the leader G-Dragon, is guilty of cultural appropriation. Continue reading