Goals for Spring 2018

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, this is my last semester living at home. This is the last year living at home (until I graduate with my Bachelor’s). So these goals are a little more important to my life now.

  1. Earn As in OChem II, Genetics, and Speech
  2. Learn to accept that I am not the best
  3. Start the process of volunteering at a hospital
  4. Find housing for university
  5. Learn to live in the present- not the future
  6. Fix my power steering hose
  7. Learn to cook quick meals

Travel Destinations 2018

I may have mentioned before that this is the last year I will live at home because I’m going to university in September. Most likely, I will stay in Southern California, but I will not be with my parents while I am at school. Typically, I take classes during summer, but because I will be transferring, I cannot attend a summer semester in my next school and there is nothing left to take at community college. This gives me the perfect opportunity to travel. Considering I traveled by myself in Israel for almost a month, I feel confident in traveling to the next places I want to go. Continue reading

Hello World

Isn’t that the title of the “first” blog post on WordPress? Obviously, it was automatically generated, but that doesn’t mean I can’t choose that title.

Anyway, I’m no new blogger. The idea of blogging is appealing to me, about 4 years after I stopped. I’m returning, with a new blog because I want to talk about things that matter to me: music, playlists, life, criticisms of sexist trends, etc. I started a new blog to separate my old content from the new.

I don’t wish to please anyone. That’s why I chose WordPress over Tumblr. Tumblr allows other people to be more involved in my posts, and I do not want that. I do, however, hope you enjoy my blog.