The Dogmother Awakens Me

Rio, the chubby, black, and white Piebald Cow Great Dane, awakens me. It is 7am, and I just want to go back to sleep. She walked from my dad’s room into mine because she wants something. The gate blocking her merle mantel daughter named Jackie, also prevents Rio from bothering my mom who sleeps downstairs. Rio needs to pee, probably. If not that, then she needs to poop. Either way, I have to be the thumbs that unlock the door and let her out for her duty. Before her pregnancy, I would wait about a minute or sit on the toilet myself before letting her in. Now that Jackie is around, I watch them with half open eyes, so I can catch Jackie before she jumps in the pool and needs to be dried. It sounds like a pain in the ass, but I think it is worth it. Continue reading


When I Was A Princess

Remember the royal court in high school dances such as homecoming, prom, and formal? Students would vote other students as princess, prince, queen, or king. The top student wins the highest point available for their class. During my sophomore year in high school, I won the spot for my class’s princess in winter formal. I know many people from my school would probably read this and think “Ugh, shut up about it. It was so long ago…”, but I beg to differ. It is not wrong to reminisce these moments, as selfish as they may be labeled. It was a moment that made me feel important, and no one has the right to tell me otherwise. Continue reading

The Phone That Got Away

Sprint lacks good basic phones (opposed to smartphones). Unfortunately, a smartphone plan for 5 people is completely out of my family’s price range, let alone the plan we have already. This means the 5 of us (2 parents, 1 brother, 1 Po Po, and me) must use flip phones, sliding text phones, resistive touch slide phones, etc. Sprint used to have interesting phones from their exclusive brand, Sanyo (Kyocera), such as the Incognito, Innuendo, and Juno/SCP-2700. Now, they only sell typical phones like the Kyocera Verve, the Alcatel ONE touch Retro, and the category of military-strength phones (that are still more basic than basic).

But I thought I could escape the curse when I found a $15 Sanyo SCP-2700, Used-Very Good on eBay. Continue reading

Yearbook Signatures

As my final year of high school comes to a close, I am given a yearbook to remember this dreadful year. Maybe not so dreadful but definitely the least social out of all. I have been betrayed by an entire group of friends and ridiculed by numerous fuckpeople.
Every year, I have made it my goal to get the signatures of everyone in my yearbook. This year, my last year to get them, will be the first that I will be choosy. I want the messages from the friends who shaped me, the teachers who guided me, and the staff who provided support in ways we students neglect to acknowledge.  Continue reading