Pledge of Allegiance Part 2

This is a growing list of problems America has that I believe this generation can fix.
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Isn’t That Racist?

Yesterday, a white person made a comment (of which I did not listen), and it was followed up with a reply from a Hispanic person telling her “that’s racist”. She immediately defended herself saying “Whoa. I’m not racist. I am so offended you would call me racist. At least half of my past boyfriends are not white”.

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I Pledge Allegiance to Being a Robot

From a young age, I recited the Pledge of Allegiance, a daily ritual hosted in classrooms, sports events, and other occasions. There is a post circulating on Tumblr criticizing how creepy this is. Last semester, I realized, in my computer science class ironically, that I am basically a robot, programmed to recite these words without thinking about it. As long as I feel the vibe of other people standing up from their seats, this sequence is initiated. I stopped doing the Pledge. Continue reading

How CAN You?

Note: If people from Twitter see this, I could not care less. In fact, I hope they stumble upon this:

I once had a Tweet conversation that went something like this.

Person 1 (boy)- “I feel bad for the non-sluts who get a bad name from the sluts”.

Me- “Obviously there are the boys who gave them the bad name in the first place”.

P1- “Well no one criticizes them so oh well”.

Person 2 (girl) liked this.

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