Pledge of Allegiance Part 2

This is a growing list of problems America has that I believe this generation can fix.
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G-Dragon and Cultural Appropriation

All terms regarding Korea in this post are referring to South Korea only.

Since I was a new bat mitzvah (13 years old), I have followed BIGBANG, a South Korean pop group. They are part of YG Entertainment, a label that is known for its artists who typically perform Western hip hop music. Despite their huge success, this group, especially the leader G-Dragon, is guilty of cultural appropriation. Continue reading

Isn’t That Racist?

Yesterday, a white person made a comment (of which I did not listen), and it was followed up with a reply from a Hispanic person telling her “that’s racist”. She immediately defended herself saying “Whoa. I’m not racist. I am so offended you would call me racist. At least half of my past boyfriends are not white”.

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