What’s On My Playlist August 2016

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What’s On My Playlist June 2016

As of April 2016, I have stopped using my iPod regularly because I am now an official member of the 21st century- I own a smartphone. I have been listening to most of my music from YouTube, anyway, so it only makes sense that I just generalize my music playlist posts into “What’s On My Playlist” instead of “What’s On My iPod”.

This month’s playlist is small. I was trying to focus more on passing my classes than listening to music.

  1. What is Love by Exo
  2. Me and the Rhythm by Selena Gomez
  3. Dynamite by VIXX
  4. Back by Infinite
  5. Save Me by BTS
  6. Trap by Henry (from Super Junior-M)

Here is the assembled playlist on YouTube.

What’s on my iPod May 2016

Here are songs that I added to my April playlist, which can be found here.

Definitely indulged in all things Jolin Tsai. Loved her dramatic stuff, but quickly grew out of the bubblegum pop (Dr. Jolin, Phony Queen). Also gave Tao’s I’m the Sovereign another chance while sitting on the bus and I was very happy. Not an absolute favorite, but was satisfying.

also really digging BTS’s Fire. like SERIOUSLY loving it.

  1. If It Ain’t Love- Jason Derulo
  2. Honey Trap- Jolin Tsai
  3. The Great Artist- Jolin Tsai
  4. Phony Queen- Jolin Tsai
  5. Dr. Jolin- Jolin Tsai
  6. This is Love- Super Junior
  7. I’m the Sovereign- Z.Tao
  8. E.R.- Dalmatian
  9. Sexy, Free, and Single- Super Junior
  10. Want U Back- 100%
  11. Expect- Girl’s Day
  12. Fire- BTS

and yes, still listening to Break Down by SuJu-M (and also Dope by BTS)

What’s On My iPod Catch Up & March 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, as it always is. I’ve been spending my time trying to survive calculus, physics, and computer science on top of battling some (vaguely diagnosed) mental illness and playing Toontown Rewritten with my friends.

Here are my picks for the last 3 months.


  1. Growing Pains- Super Junior D&E
  2. Flying, Deep in the Night- Kyuhyun
  3. Dope- BTS
  4. Run- BTS
  5. Love Me Right- EXO*
  6.  Evanesce- Super Junior
  7. Blue Word- Super Junior

*I typically listen to the Chinese version of EXO songs, unless noted. The language difference is minimal, but I do think that the Korean versions tend to be better because the songs were probably written in that language and they got Chanyeol, whose voice is as smooth as butter. That being said, I’m hoping that by listening to Mandarin, some of it will rub on me.


  1. Dumb Dumb- Red Velvet
  2. Wolf- EXO
  3. One Day One Chance- Max, Key, Luna, SuHo, Xiumin (from School Oz OST)
  4. Fly- Got7
  5. Wow Wow Wow (feat. Eric)- Jun Jin

I still listen to Break Down often, along with other songs from older playlists.

What’s on my iPod of December 2015

I wanted to wait a while after posting the playlists of 2015 to share the playlist for December 2015. Turns out, I found so much great music that I had to create 2 large YouTube playlists! I fell in love with Super Junior (especially Super Junior M) songs, so they comprise the majority of my playlists.

Playlist 12/01/2015

  1. Rising Hope- LiSA
  2. Rock Ur Body- VIXX
  3. I Need U- BTS
  4. Mirotic- TVXQ
  5. Catch Me- TVXQ
  6. Break Down- Super Junior-M
  7. It’s You- Super Junior
  8. Why I Like You- Super Junior
  9. View- SHINee

During this time, I absolutely loved Catch Me and Break Down, both of which I still overplay today. I also found Siwon excessively hot appealing in Break Down.

Playlist 12/14/2015

  1. Spy- Super Junior
  2. Magic- Super Junior
  3. Perfection- Super Junior-M
  4. A-Cha- Super Junior
  5. Hush- miss A
  6. Napal Baji- Psy
  7. Daddy- Psy
  8. Play- Jolin Tsai
  9. I’m Not Yours (feat. Namie)- Jolin Tsai
  10. Boom Boom (feat. Mei)- Dong Nhi
  11. Bad Boy- Dong Nhi
  12. Fantastic- Henry (of SuJu-M)

Many of these songs were added because I found them in the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), which I enjoyed with my brother and my parents. It was exciting even though I watched it 2 weeks after it aired.

My YouTube Playlists of 2015

I realize I’m severely lacking in the monthly music playlist department, so to compensate, I will write all the playlists I made this year on YouTube, excluding playlists I make in December.


  1. One Last Time- Ariana Grande
  2. Sissy That Walk- RuPaul
  3. American Apparel Ad Girls- Courtney Act, Alaska 5000, Willam
  4. Overdose- EXO-M
  5. History- EXO-M
  6. Hate You-Delight
  7. U&I- Ailee
  8. Dangerous- David Guetta
  9. Immortals- Fall Out Boy
  10. Want To Want Me- Jason Derulo

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