The Perks of Being Half-East Asian

As you may know, I am half-white/European-Jewish-countries, half-East Asian. My mother is half Chinese and half Vietnamese. Also, you may know that I am near Los Angeles, the best place to be, ever. Considering my mother was born and raised in Vietnam, she is fluent in Vietnamese and Cantonese. There are so many perks to having such a parent. Continue reading


Atlantic Times Square

On Saturday, I explored the heavily East Asian Atlantic Times Square in heavily East Asian (mostly Chinese) Monterey Park with the help of my cousin, Bonnie. We explored Daiso, Image, Amore/Aritaum, The Face Shop, Tokyo Lifestyle, and Aji Ichiban. Continue reading

Trip to Santee Alley + More

I had wanted to visit the Santee Alley since last summer. Somehow, it was easier to convince my mom to take me there once I told her she could buy skincare products for herself. On a school-free Friday in February, my mom, brother, and I woke up at 7AM to take a trip to Los Angeles. Traffic wasn’t too bad. We paid $6 for all-day parking one street away from the Alley, somewhere near the CMC and the Prom district. Continue reading

Sylmar Olive Festival

On August 30, 2014, I attended my first Sylmar Olive Festival with my brother and father. We walked around the hot and sunny park to view the various booths. I enjoyed the event, but my father said that (besides the surprise appearance of Froy and Matt from Operation Repo) the Ojai Lavender Festival was more enjoyable. Continue reading

Black Henna

On August 24, my dad and I took a trip to Venice Beach, one of the places he used to call home. (Literally, he lived right by the boardwalk on Dudley Ave. while his parents ran a fish market.) Every time my dad visits Venice Beach, he dwells in the memories he had growing up, attending Hebrew and public schools, and learning how to ride a 2-wheel bike. Continue reading