Westernization: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This essay is AGAINST the effects of Westernization in East Asia; it received a score of 95%. Westernization is the process of a country adopting the ideals and lifestyle of a Western country, such as the USA and England. Western beauty for women is typically depicted as a light skinned Caucasian, but this image is fatal to the minds and lives of women in East Asia. Some aspects of Westernization help the entire world such as computer innovation. If the world can tame the domination of Western culture, the synergy of these countries can produce a better future for everyone that the West harms. Continue reading


GMOs: Fixing America, One Problem at a Time

This essay is FOR genetically modified organisms; it received a score of 85%. GMOs are great because of its flexibility for low-income farmers and potential to mutate for biological necessities. I know that farmers who use Monsanto seeds may spray excessive amounts of RoundUp on their crops, which does harm consumers, but this is a problem that does not come directly from GMOs but from the effects of farming them. Also, not all GMOs have to cater pesticide resistance. Another fear organic enthusiasts have is crossbreeding between GMOs and organic plants. I think hybrids are actually helpful and necessary rather than harmful.
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I have been so busy with my English class and procrastinating that I don’t have much material to post right now. I am going to share my essays. So far, I have an essay on genetically modified organisms and slacktivism. Soon, I will have one about Westernization in Asia and another about McDonaldization.

The beginning of each essay post will have a summary and my grade. I am posting this because

1. I want to provide content on my blog.

2. Someone may need to look at an essay for reference and ideas. The following 4 essays were written in MLA format.

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