My Last Summer Break?

This is the last summer break I will have before I begin studying at university. There are many things I want to do with this 4-month break, so here’s a list that I aim to complete by the time I move into my school in late September. Continue reading


Travel Destinations 2018

I may have mentioned before that this is the last year I will live at home because I’m going to university in September. Most likely, I will stay in Southern California, but I will not be with my parents while I am at school. Typically, I take classes during summer, but because I will be transferring, I cannot attend a summer semester in my next school and there is nothing left to take at community college. This gives me the perfect opportunity to travel. Considering I traveled by myself in Israel for almost a month, I feel confident in traveling to the next places I want to go. Continue reading

Dream Cars, Cruises

All cars are assumed to come in a shiny, bright blue and are sold in any year, preferably not the current year due to higher costs.

1. Mazda3 hatchback

2. Toyota Prius

3. Honda Civic


Cruises are based on general location or ship, unless specified. All cruises are hoped to be taken with a medium to large group of friends and/or family.

1. (Any ship) cruise to Saigon, Vietnam

2. (Any ship) cruise to/from Pacific coast Canada & Southern California

3. (Any ship) cruise to Mexican Riviera (Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta)

4. Norwegian Epic

5. Norwegian Breakaway

6. Any Royal Caribbean Quantum class ship

7. Any Royal Caribbean Freedom class ship

8. Any Carnival ship with Carnival Waterworks

9. Any Disney cruise ship

10. Any NCL ship in a Haven stateroom

11. Any ship in a multi-bedroom suite

Resolutions: Revised

I realized my childhood is running out. I’ll be 17 in less than 9 months, and before you know it, I will be 18. Being a minor socially entitles you to forgiveness, not that I ever wanted to please society. What I mean is that when I look for a job, my colorful hair will not be excused with “well, she’s only a kid”. I’m just not going to get the job. Trust me, I’d love to be society’s little rebel, but I barely have enough time and energy to combat sexism. I need money. Not getting the job for having blue hair is not very oppressive (it is on a first impression basis, but it IS something that can be changed).

Here are my new resolutions is my bucket list.

1. Dye my hair blue.
2. Cut my hair to medium length (shoulder).
3. Get one new piercing in each ear.
4. Explore LA’s fashion district.
5. Late night car ride in LA
6. Be in possession of a Furla Candy Bag (that isn’t TOO see-through)

-To be continued in separate posts-