Hair Color Goals Update

Finally had a chance to dye my own hair (rather than going to my hairdresser and having it done). One of the things I enjoy about doing my own hair is that I get to experiment and do all sorts of things. In fact, I’m writing this as I am waiting for my hair to process. I had a bunch of different dyes, but none of them were a full tube. My hair is going to be a bunch of Pravana Blue, Sparks Key Lime, Mermaid Blue, Purple Passion, and Green Envy. I actually forgot I bought Mermaid blue to mix with others, rather than applying it by itself. Oops. Anyway, here’s some updated plans of what I want to do with my hair. I realize I’m running out of time because I’m going to university, but hopefully I can get everything I really want done before I go. Continue reading


Hair Color Ideas

My hairstylist recently used me as a hair model, so she colored my hair in a color scheme she chose. But I was thinking of different colors I’d like to try out. So below are written descriptions of colors I may do with my hair and dyes I love or want to try.


  1. Sparks Electric Blue (Lasts long, affordable, my go-to blue)
  2. NRage Cobalt Blue (Lasts long, affordable, but bleeds like crazy)
  3. Sparks Key Lime (I LOVE neon green)
  4. Pulp Riot Velvet (Reminds me of Crystal Violet)

Dye Combinations to Try

  1. Sparks Key Lime + Electric Blue or Mermaid Blue (Goal: Rich, vivid, jewel tone green- NOT TEAL)
  2. Sparks Electric Blue + Magenta Mania (Goal: Neon purple?)

Looks to Try

  1. Blue, Yellow (University of California)
  2. Neon Green, Neon Purple (makes me think of Playdough)
  3. Light Blue (Mermaid Blue), Neon Purple, Bright Pink (Unicorn/Cotton Candy)
  4. Blue, Orange (Complementary)
  5. Blue, Neon Green, Yellow (my ultimate form)

Dyes I Want to Try


  1. Makeup Monsters Chirp
  2. Sparks Yellow
  3. Arctic Fox Neon Moon


  1. Makeup Monsters Multi-pass
  2. Sparks Orange Crush


  1. Makeup Monsters Unforgettable Pink


  1. Makeup Monsters Twilight


  1. Makeup Monsters Sub Zero
  2. Manic Panic Blue Moon

Neon Blue

  1. Pravana Neon Blue
  2. Pulp Riot Nirvana


  1. Makeup Monsters Monster

EDIT: Added new dyes I want to try and organized each by color and priority

Skin Care Routine May 2016

I’ve calmed down with the amount of products I use every day. My routine is drastically shortened because I don’t have a lot of time, I am lazy, and I want to save money, especially when my skin is fine.

My only problems are acne, which has greatly reduced since switching to Vestura from Lutera, and some dullness I guess (I dunno I don’t really care about that too be honest).

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Review: BH Cosmetics First Edition 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette

The front of the 120 Color Palette

The front of the 120 Color Palette

There aren’t many mainstream palettes out there that offer mainly unconventional colors, and there are even less that do it at an affordable-for-a-college-budget price. I knew of the Urban Decay Electric palette, which still would be a wonderful addition to my collection, but when I saw the countless positive reviews for this palette on Amazon, I had to see for myself. Also, my friend Tia, who is a professional makeup artist, recommended the brand to me.
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Makeup Wishlist

For some reason, I’m extremely interested in having fun with makeup- so much that it’s actually distracting me from school and adding to the long list of reasons I cannot focus on schoolwork.

I also want to be a reviewer of makeup, not necessarily a hugely prestigious one, but one that discusses unconventional colors and products, quick ways to get ready, and some science behind makeup, if I happen to know any (I’m absolutely inspired by Stephanie Nicole).

Currently, I have an obsession with liquid lipsticks- mainly dark, non neutral colors, so I hope to expand my collection beyond 1 nude color from Covergirl and 1 blue color from Beauty Bakerie. Considering my lack of extra funds and the recent introduction of an increased cell phone bill (my whole family just upgraded to smartphones), I won’t have frequent reviews nor a huge collection of makeup. This doesn’t necessarily bother me because I don’t have time to write a review every day, and I don’t want a plethora of makeup that will just sit in my bathroom waiting to expire. I wear makeup occasionally even though I would like to wear it more often.

Also, I’m strictly blogging. I’m way too shy to go on camera.

Here’s a wishlist of items, organized by how I’ll likely buy them. Continue reading

Doing Makeup Again

When I was 13, I was introduced to makeup because of my Bat Mitzvah ceremony. My mom wanted to make sure I looked formal, so we took a trip to the Glendale Galleria and looked for high quality makeup. A staff member showed us Lancome, where we purchased a lipstick, makeup remover (you know that one), and foundation. On our way out, a woman from Urban Decay caught our attention and since then, we’ve been UD junkies and have not given Lancome much consideration. After my bat mitzvah ceremony, however, makeup usage has declined for me because it takes a lot of time and creativity, much of which I focus on other things. Here is the process of what I do for a quick makeup fix. Continue reading