About Maizy

Maizy is a 22 year old woman from California. She describes herself as bubbly, personable, eccentric, progressive, and feminist. She is currently attending university for a degree in biomedical engineering. She has lots of friends and family who love her, including 3 brothers, 2 parents, and 2 Great Danes named Rio and Jackie. Her favorite color is blue, but she also likes neon green.

Maizy is of European and Asian descent. She is raised Jewish and continues to embrace the culture, but chooses to believe and live in secular values because they are applicable to others and transcend religion.

She enjoys listening to various EDM, K-pop, Latin pop, and American pop songs.

Her goals in life are to graduate university with a Biomedical Engineering BS and get vaccinated for a flu shot every year before December. Additionally, she suffers from depression and anxiety, and she hopes to control that through friendships and medication.

The purpose for this blog is to inform her readers of her various political and social opinions and multiple thoughts about her life. She ultimately writes this blog for her personal benefit and does not expect a constant following.

She thanks all of her readers for taking the time to consider her thoughts and hopes that her ideas can be used to make the world a better place.

Skin Type-
NC35 | Acne/Pores | Combo
Suffers from acne and enlarged pores
Combination (Oily T-Zone & Eyelids; Normal rest of face)

Twitter: @maizyarchy
Instagram: @amaizyng

Toontown Rewritten: Maizy
Chicken Smoothie: Maizy
ourWorld: aMaizyng
Playtest ourWorld: Maizy
RuneScape: Zillitor
DragonCave: Zillitor

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