A Literal Time Machine

I’ve recently found a new hobby: computers. Not that I wasn’t into computers in the past, but I’ve taken initiative to learn about hardware and operating systems. I just built my own gaming computer to fit my needs (it runs a Radeon 5600 XT), and I have plans to do things with my Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, some hand-me-down laptops, and VirtualBox. Yesterday, my uncle gave me 2 old laptops, a Vista and an XP. I took my old Vista HDD from my broken Compaq and plugged it in. Turns out, it’s bootable! But god, there are sooo many relics I found.I should acknowledge that my brother took over this computer, I estimate sometime between 2010-2011. I received the Compaq Presario C500 for my birthday back in 2008. That laptop went through so much with me. It was the 2nd laptop I’d ever owned, and the 1st that was bought for me (my first was a hand-me-down from my dad NEC running Win98, and I used to play CD-ROMs on it when I was 3). There were numerous times my parents took my laptop away from me because I was too addicted to it (they wanted to prevent a computer addiction, lmao oops). I don’t remember how it happened, but my mom stole my laptop out of my hands at one point, and the optical drive opened. Somehow, the force of her grabbing it from me bend the drive, and it was rendered useless. There also came a point where the right hinge randomly broke. Thankfully, the wires were wrapped and the screen wasn’t harmed (unlike the Nintendo DS Lite, which I’m still in the middle of repairing). For years, that was the only Vista we owned. My dad had a Vista for work, but he hated it, especially because of compatibility issues with his old (cracked) software. He returned it and went back to XP, and my mom didn’t upgrade the family XP until… I’m not sure. I don’t remember, but she’s on her second 7 now, which was replaced this year. My guess is that she used the family XP from 2006 to whenever XP was rendered obsolete. My dad claims XP was the best Windows OS ever, but I personally prefer 7 because of aesthetics and 98 for nostalgia. They don’t make screen savers like they used to anymore.

So back to the Vista that I owned. First thing I see when I boot up my brother’s user is a desktop with a picture of Ether Saga Odyssey and shortcuts to Wizard101, Ether Saga Online, and AVG 2011. ho lee shet. I don’t know if W101 is still around, but Ether Saga Online, which became Ether Saga Odyssey, has been dead for more than 4 years now. And now, I’m going through the Programs and Features to delete any PUPs aka Potentially Unwanted Programs before I turn on the Wi-Fi, since Kev boi and I weren’t the smartest with downloading things. Among these programs are others that bring back memories, such as

  • Open Office 3.2 (this was discontinued in 2011 with 3.4 beta as its latest update)
  • Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5
  • Conduit Engine (used for custom toolbars, some of which I customized)
  • Office 2007 Activation Assistant

Looking up the old model, I find that I originally ran Vista on an Intel 1.7GHz Celeron mobile processor with 1GB of RAM. Fortunately, the laptop I’m using now has an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.53 GHz with 4GB of RAM. For a Vista, I think these are some decent specs. For some reason, though, Windows isn’t activated? I have a legitimate key, so I’ll use that, but I hope it doesn’t cause any trouble.

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