Throwback: Bucket List de Maizy #4

The final one. Good thing I wrote 12 posts. It’s evenly distributed among these 4 posts I’m making now. By the looks of it, this one isn’t as juicy. What a shame. Would’ve been nice to end this series on a high note.

Bucket List #10: I realize that Lydia might be onto something when she says we could have a writing community, just the 4 of us- Lyd, Alice, Stephy, and Me.

Nothing can really give me motivation, but I realized I would like to create a world where I face my fears and those who look down on me. I would especially love other human beings to be part of it.

I’d really like to do the writing thing, and I would especially love it if it took place in a boarding school.

I have just the idea for fellow students. Enemies and friends.

It doesn’t have to be PCA. It doesn’t have to be glamorous. We just need problems and regular classes. If you want to add anything else, that’s fine. 

If this topic does not interest you, I’m sure I could move my ideas into something else.

Please let me back in?

I literally got nothing. 8 years later, I’m still not interested in roleplaying, and I haven’t written a story in years. I haven’t spoken to my old Dizzywood friends in years.
Bucket List #11: I want to work for Hollister. I’d be a perfect candidate for diversity because I’m half white half Asian, smart, bubbly, and I would like a job at the mall. I don’t care if I get minimum wage.
uh this didn’t happen. also I need a job this summer so I can pay rent. send help (or unemployment). I wrote this because I had to do a project practicing my employment skills and applying for jobs. I chose Hollister because I was obsessed with the store back then. In other news, I regained that obsession recently. I want to go to thrift stores!!!! Stupid quarantine.
Bucket List #12: I want to be part of a sport, a team, a club. I want to be somebody and I want to work out and be fit and I want to exceed others expectations.I want to prove to everyone that I’m not lazy and weak and that I’m dedicated and energetic when it comes to sports. I wish I could be on the football or dance team. Maybe even a cheerleader.

I want people to hear my name and put a face with it. I want to see myself in the yearbook more than once and actually have my face at a noticeable size instead of the size of a toothpick.

I want to be the girl that looks good and is smart. If I work out, I’ll have muscles and I can carry anyone. Guys will be impressed and girls… I dunno how girls will take it. I want to be muscular but not skinny. I don’t have to have abs, but a flat stomach would be nice. Toned arms and legs are my main concerns. I want to work out and be a good runner.

Basically, I’m dying to prove others wrong and be somebody.

OOH looks like we do have something interesting! Before I begin my 8-years-later review, I’d like to preface this with an edit I made.

EDIT 5/25/2012- I can’t do football because…

1. I’ll lose my girl figure… and the girls. (Keep your boys close and your girls closer) AND MY LEGS I CANNOT LOSE MY LEGS. These legs are award worthy, come on.

2. I will be heavily harassed by the team AND people at school, especially the bitches on the cheer squad (except I know a few girls who’d be okay with it. Shout out to the cheerleaders that don’t care what girls want!)

3. I’ll lose my legs.

I can’t do cheerleading because…

1. I can’t tumble.

2. I’m not flexible at all.

3. I’d have to deal with the bitches on the cheer squad

I’d definitely like to be on the dance team, but tryouts are done and I need a little more practice.

So for right now, I’m going to do tennis. I’ll take tennis camp over the summer and I’ll join the tennis team. I’ll definitely do some extra working out, too, hopefully with German, since he’s cool and knows his stuff.

I honestly don’t think I’d like to be a cheerleader. I mean, I’m great at encouraging my friends when we play games. You can hear me from a long distance while I’m playing. But as far as football goes, I guess I’ll just have to wait for Powderpuff… 

Reasons why I’ll do Tennis-

1. Miller loves me. She REALLY loves me. I’m the complete opposite of a Knucklehead.

2. Grace and Julianna are on the team.

3. Training will allow me to keep my girly figure.

SO. I guess this doesn’t really fit my whole “I’ve felt like a boy all my life” story I tell when I come out as demiwoman. Regardless, I can’t believe I let people talk me into thinking that football training would make me lose my figure. Nonetheless, I’m a lazy fuck and wouldn’t be able to handle it. Not to mention how smelly the boys would be… But hey, at least I did Powderpuff football in both my junior and senior years, and I (mostly) enjoyed it. I still wish I could dance.

I ended up joining tennis though, so that was lit. As far as athletic ability goes, I later took women’s body conditioning my last semester of high school, and that was a lot of fun. I pushed my body’s boundaries in ways I had never done before. I still wouldn’t mind having toned arms and abs, but these days I’m just flexing my beautiful, naturally toned legs with curves in all the right places.

For yearbook, I was in my sophomore yearbook like 7 times? HAHA oh yeah, people knew me because I won winter formal princess. You know, the best night of my high school life? There’s many reasons that I look back and feel proud of doing that, but there’s one element that I don’t think I talk about enough. I wore a peacock dress. My new friend at the time, Yee-Ann, referred to me as the “peacock princess”, and my ex gave me a handmade corsage with a peacock feather (I still have it to this day!) I like to think that night is when I debuted as the peacock I am today.

Sounds cheesy, doesn’t really make sense, but I’m running with it. For real though, 8 years later and so many people associate the bird with me. It’s my motif. That’s my nickname in the sorority, the colors of my life’s palette (and wardrobe and hair). I plan to get a peacock feather tattooed on me one day. First, I need a job.

I guess I should end this series with a new bucket list with a healthier outlook

  1. Live long enough to enjoy life post-quarantine
  2. Get a peacock feather tattoo
  3. Graduate university. Whatever it takes.

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