Quarantine Week 4, Day 3

Dear Blog,

I’m writing to you from the comforts of my parent’s house. I wish I was at my apartment, but my parents insist that I stay with them in case I get super sick. And in some ways, I think they’re right. I have had a cough for all of quarantine now (which may be related to taking Wellbutrin, since this happened last time I took it), and yesterday I started sneezing. I went to two markets and two drug stores within the last few days, so I put myself at risk.

Despite taking medications for my depression, I think cabin fever depression is hitting me now. I was in bed for a long time, and I still feel sad and lack motivation to exist.

But I have homework to do. Such is life.

I feel like I have memory loss. I don’t remember what I’ve forgotten, though.

I have online friends again. I’ve been on the Discord server with frat bros and srat sisters around the country. They shit on California a lot, and it gets on my nerves, but I enjoy them when they’re not doing that. I miss my school friends a lot, though. I miss going to places with them.

This week was supposed to be AEPi’s Cuck Fancer weeklong. Shannon and I were planning to shave the back of our heads again. Of course, that’s not happening anymore.

I miss being home. Home in my apartment.

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