My History of Dizzywood

Every December, I log back onto Chicken Smoothie (an adoptables game) to participate in the Advent calendar and Hanukkah festivities. During that time, I also trade for missed outcomes and anything else I missed during hiatus. I’ve kept this up for about 8 years now. However, someone read my profile and saw that I’m from Dizzywood, so they mentioned it during a trade. I’m not really surprised, for the Dizzywood community showed me Chicken Smoothie. If I recall correctly, it was Fluffers99.

And, of course, I searched Dizzywood (the Twitter still follows me, by the way), and I wondered where everyone went. It’s been 11 years. Here’s what I remember from back then, including numerous embarrassing moments and my terrible perspective at 10 years old.

I write this to acknowledge that I did many terrible things in the past. I am afraid of how past DW people will remember me, and maybe writing this will shoot myself in the foot. However, I want to be transparent, and I don’t want to cover up the fact that I was a jealous, self-centered, 10 year old back when I played Dizzywood.

I truly believe I have changed in the ~10 years since I left Dizzywood, and I hope those who remember what I did wrong will give me a second chance. Nonetheless, I understand if not.I first started playing in 2008, or maybe 2006? I don’t remember. I just know I was 10 years old, and I was amazed that Frosty1297, the most popular Dizzywood blogger, was 13 and talking to ME, a 10 year old!

I think JJTT (Frosty’s boyfriend) and his real life best friend, Bftuna, were also my age. By the way, JJTT and Bftuna were also big DW bloggers.

And so were Coolieperson and Fluffers99.

And me? I tried. I was a poser though. Absolutely obsessed with popularity and gaining views on my blog. I prided myself in being the fastest to post the daily activities and events.

But boy, was I toxic.

I was absolutely obsessed with popularity. I know there’s a term that I can’t think of- it describes someone hanging with popular people in hopes their clout rubs off. But I absolutely worshiped Frosty; it was unhealthy.

I’m happy to say we e-mailed each other a couple years after, until she got hacked by those goat people who targeted Fantage blogs. Not really sure how that happened, but I don’t wanna find out personally.

So to sum up everything, I always compared my blog views to others, got upset because I wasn’t growing as fast or getting as much clout, and I don’t remember exactly what I did but I know I was a real nuisance. It was so bad that Coolieperson called me out on Xat and said the world doesn’t revolve around me (she was right).

The most horrible thing I did, however, was delete Moochi’s blog. I know it was a terrible thing and it affected so many other people. And the way I did it was just… I was too smart for my own age. She trusted me as an admin or something, and I betrayed her.

I don’t know if I ever received karma for it, but I know that the right thing to do is own up to it. The worst part about it was that Moochi and MysteryOfun (her sister) were some of my best friends when the Dizzywood community transitioned to ourWorld.

Even as I write about this as a 22 year old, I am ashamed. I know I would never do such a thing again, but I also cannot expect people to forgive me.

I think the only good thing that came out of this jealousy-fueled phase was that I got it out of my system. Today, I believe I am more selfless and absolutely considerate of others. I prioritize universal benefit over my own, and I do not lie (or if I do, it’s more like “dad, I think I washed the clothes?). Unfortunately, it came at the expense of other people.

But if it helps rub the salt in my wound, I deleted my own blog, dizzywoodhints.wordpress, on purpose because I wanted all the views directed to my main blog at the time, maizy.wordpress (at this time, I believe I privatized it due to personal information). I wish I didn’t delete my own blog because it would have served as a time capsule for Dizzywood. There’s nothing I can do to get that back. And I know there’s nothing I can do to bring Moochi’s blog back, either.

To end the post on a cringe note, I have another embarrassing fact about me. I lied about having a twin sister, Madysyn (I totally white-peopled that name). I don’t know if anyone actually bought the lie, but I came clean about it. In my defense, I really wanted a twin sister when I was 10, so I made an imaginary one.

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