Dizzywood Reunion

I might have made something like this already, but I want to establish a home base to get in contact with former Dizzywood players.

I had three usernames on Dizzywood, Meecha, Maizy, and MaizyStarRox.

Other users I remember are

Frosty1297 AKA Frosty AKA Lauren

Bftuna AKA “beefy tuna”




GoGirlStar AKA Rebecca- She has reached out to me via FB

Aggron AKA Alec- He reached out to me via Tumblr




3c2b1a AKA cba

Moonglade Luminescence AKA Elle


Mileysnumber1fan AKA Lydiarox AKA Lydia

UtterTedium AKA Donghai- Contacted me via WP Comment





There are so many others I met along the way, but I just can’t remember. I know this includes some of my closest friends, unfortunately. Some of these name might not be accurate either.

For those who have reached out to me, I am not forwarding their contact information without their permission, unless they comment below (if that ever happens).


5 thoughts on “Dizzywood Reunion

  1. Waggy says:

    I don’t know if you remember me. I used to play Dizzywood a long time ago. We used to be in a xat chat along time ago with moonflower, Roxie, Reece, Micah, Lauren, and so many more. I don’t know why last night the memory of dizzywood hit me but it did.

    I went by the name pichu or pichu4 in those days. Such a long time ago. I’m pretty sure you were in that group. If not, sorry.

    • Hi! Your username is familiar! I’m so glad my post drew in somebody, this is why I wrote it ❤

      As far as who you mentioned above, I remember Moonflower, Micah (I kinda sorta have her on Facebook but I don't think she remembers me?), and Lauren.

      • Waggy says:

        Honestly, moonflower was such a sweet person. She was seriously my best friend. And oh man, I’m pretty sure you were in the dizzywood xat chat with us. I used to get into so many arguments with people. Like Alex? It’s so long ago and so much regret in how I acted before. It’s good to find someone from years ago though.

        As for Micah, the only reason I remember her. And I’m pretty sure it was Micah. Was because I “dated” her for a small amount of time. Ah the teenager days.

        I actually also added you on Twitter cause I kept checking to see if you had responded and saw you had a Twitter. If you want to reminisce about old times or something, follow me back @waggywamm or something and we could talk 🙂

      • It’s okay, I didn’t act appropriately back in the day either. I’ve matured and reprioritized my desires. I followed you back on Twitter! I don’t get notifications if someone I don’t follow reacts or follows me on Twitter, so I didn’t know.

        I don’t remember Alex… do you know their username? Again, it’s all fuzzy to me

  2. twilightstaring says:

    Aww I remembered Dizzywood and went down the rabbit hole. I remember olimar, cba, ballet, horse/khlo and you. I think we all went to ourworld then lost touch again. Last I read olimar’s ourworld was “Jewel” I’m not sure if that’s her now, I was gonna add and see. I think I have you on ourworld as well, Maizy. It’s so sad thinking about the times we all had 😦

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