K-Pop Playlists from October 2011

Here are some more songs I listened to in the past. This document was created in October 2011. Not sure what I was doing, but I guess I was making K-Pop CDs? Either that, or they were CDs that my brother’s ex-best friend’s dad made for me.

K-Pop 1
Track 1: Teen Top- Angel
Track 2: BIGBANG- Beautiful Hangover
Track 3: Se7en- Better Together
Track 4: BoA- Copy & Paste
Track 5: Kim Hyun Joong- Break Down
Track 6: B2St- Soom (Breathe)
Track 7: Infinite- Before the Dawn
Track 8: Se7en- Digital Bounce
Track 9: B2St- Fiction
Track 10: G-Dragon- Heartbreaker
Track 11:
Track 12: 4minute- Hit Your Heart
Track 13: Taeyang- I’ll Be There (Korean Version)
Track 14: Kim Hyun Joong- Kiss Kiss
Track 15: Heo Young Saeng- Let It Go
Track 16: SHINee- Lucifer
Track 17: Seungri- Magic
Track 18: MBLAQ- Y
Track 19: MBLAQ- Mona Lisa
Track 20: B2ST- Mystery

K-Pop 2
Track 1: Yoon Sang Hyun- Liar
Track 2: Park Jung Min- Not Alone
Track 3: SHINee- Ring Ding Dong
Track 4: B2ST- Shock
Track 5: SS501- Love Ya
Track 6: Super Junior- Bonamana
Track 7: BIGBANG- Tell Me Goodbye
Track 8: BIGBANG- Tonight (Japanese Ver)
Track 9: Co-Ed- Too Late
Track 10: TOP- Turn It Up
Track 11: TVXQ!- Keep Your Head Down
Track 12: 2NE1- Try to Follow Me
Track 13: U-Kiss- Am I That Easy
Track 14: Teen Top- Clap
Track 15: 2NE1- Clap Your Hands
Track 16: Super Junior- Perfection (Korean Ver)
Track 17: U-Kiss- 0330

K-Pop 3
Track 1: After School (Red)- In the Night Sky
Track 2: After School (Red)- Hollywood
Track 3: Teen Top- Don’t Spray Perfume
Track 4: Teen Top- Beautiful Girl
Track 5: Teen Top- First Kiss
Track 6: Teen Top- The Back of My Hand Brushes Against
Track 7: Teen Top- Tell Me Why
Track 8: Teen Top- Don’t Spray Perfume (Inst)
Track 9: SNSD- Gee
Track 10:
Track 11: SNSD- Let’s Talk About Love
Track 12: ZE:A- Intro (Exciting “Special Single”)
Track 13: ZE:A- Why
Track 14: ZE:A- Heart For 2

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