Final 2018 Goals Follow-Up

I always enjoy reflecting on my past goals and seeing how I met them after a few months have past. Back in July, I wrote a new set of goals that I hoped to meet. Here, I will comment on them and write some new ones.

  1. Get new brakes and tires
    • Got new brakes before starting university. Just got new back tires today (front are fine).
  2. Visit my brother up north
    • Done and had a wonderful time with his family.
  3. Go to Vegas for my 21st birthday
    • Done and had a blast in a “Crazy Rich Asians themed” fashion
  4. Eat dim sum with a friend
    • did not happen
  5. Learn to play Fortnite on my PC
    • did not happen
  6. Clean my room before moving out
    • happened
  7. Pack up everything I need for the dorms
    • obviously happened
  8. Play tennis again
    • I kinda joined tennis club here at UCI
  9. Settle my antidepressants + regain my appetite
    • happened. appetite isn’t at 100% as it used to be but hey i’m losing weight even though I have a toxic relationship with it.

New goals to complete by the time the school year ends in mid-June 2019.

  1. Learn how to read emotions and social cues better
  2. Maintain a good GPA
  3. Start studying for the MCAT
  4. Get an internship or job to occupy my time during the summer
  5. Get a job by spring quarter
  6. Clean up my reputation (even though it’s not that bad)
  7. Volunteer in the medical field without dyeing my hair brown
  8. Continue working out

For short-term goals, specifically tailored to winter break:

  1. Play Blade & Soul if there are any story updates
  2. Take Rio for a car ride and explore places so she can be happy and know she is loved
  3. Apply for all the internships I saved on Handshake
  4. Run for 10-15 min/every other day
  5. Buy and play Red Dead Redemption 2
  6. Finish reading my Gallagher Girls books
  7. Not get drunk during the break
  8. Eat tamales
  9. Apply for CA position for 2019-20 school year
  10. Get rainboots and a raincoat for less than $60

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