Eye Shadow Primer Reviews

Eye shadow primer is hella important to my makeup collection. It’s a product I’ve used since I started wearing makeup (I blame Kyla from UD in Macy’s Glendale). My mom and I are very pleased with the Primer Potion in Original and Sin. It was my only primer until I discovered makeup dupes on Pinterest. Thankfully, I had a cheaper alternative to the $22 primer. Except there’s one thing- Wet n Wild doesn’t sell this specific product anymore.

The Wet n Wild Fergie eye shadow primer in For My Primas was $6 from Walgreen’s. I don’t see any Fergie items on Wet n Wild’s website anymore, including the Maldives Sky palette.

However, I know Wet n Wild has a primer with a “new look” for $5. Maybe it is the same product?

I’ll have to keep this post super short since my products are obsolete and I don’t plan to buy the new one until I finish the 5 tubes of UD and WnW primers.

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