Review: ColourPop Haul

During April, I bought about $35 worth of Colourpop items- 2 Ultra Matte Lips (matte liquid lipstick, $6), 1 Ultra Satin Lips (semi-matte liquid lipstick, $6), 1 Lippie Stix (lipstick, $6), 1 Super Shock Shadow (eyeshadow, $5), and 1 Super Shock Cheek (highlight, $8).

NOTE: I wrote this back in May 2016, but I never posted it because I never took pics of the products. I don’t want my hard work to go to waste, so I’ll post it. Some items I’ve given away, others I’ve lost. I think some items might not be available anymore. Either way, please enjoy.

Overall, I’m not absolutely impressed by the brand to the point of calling anything a holy grail item. The lipsticks fill then need for affordable lipsticks in a plethora of shades- perfect for the lipstick enthusiast who wants so many different colors but does not want to spend $20 per lipstick or a lot of product that will eventually go bad before use.

I ordered the Ultra Matte Lips in Dr. M and Guess. As a main lipstick, I did not like these initially. They do not last at all during a meal, and they crack and peel easily. Compared to other lipsticks I have tried, these are some of the worst I have tried. (However, keep in mind that these are dark, unconventional shades that do not leave the lips with a flattering outline after fading). I’m glad I had the opportunity to try these shades because I really like the way my lips look in both colors. I was afraid that any green lipstick would make my teeth look yellow.

I have a high standard for makeup, so I would not recommend these lipsticks to anyone unless they were willing to commit to constant reapplying because reapplication sucks and someone using this is better off cleaning it all and applying a whole new coat than layering the product (major cracking alert).

Tips: Using a lip primer (I use the one from NYX) makes the product last so much longer, although it’s still not the best. Apply 1 thin coat or face the wrath of the crackin’.

Bottomline: Would not recommend or buy again.

Dr. M is a dark green shade with hidden sparkles. I absolutely love it, but I wish there was a dupe for it that lasted as long as my Beauty Bakerie. Seriously, it is a gorge shade that looks magical, and I’d buy a bunch if the formula was perfect. UPDATE: I lost it and I miss it.


Guess is a dark-almost-black purple shade. This lipstick is hella matte. I like the way this looks; I compare it to my Beauty Bakerie in Bae Cake except in a purple tone rather than blue. I love how I look evil when I wear it. I would like this in a better formula as well. UPDATE: 2 years later, I really want to throw it away. I hate the texture.


So Wavy is a smooth bluish purple shade. It was just released when I bought it. It’s one of the few unconventional colors in the Satin line. I have not tested this product with a primer, but I don’t expect it to last as long as the Matte colors I own. Wearing it alone, the color transferred easily, opposed to the dry surface of the Mattes that barely transfers when not wet or oily. Out of all the lipsticks, this is my favorite.


Wet is a bronzy shade, but it looks silvery on my computer. was the only solid lipstick I bought. The color is not as opaque as I’d like. It’s a blotchy mess of this sheer (and patchy) mess of bronze and my lip color.


Too Shy is a blue pressed pigment eyeshadow with a somewhat creamy texture. It looks hella awesome in its pot, but I have problems with this product. After owning it for a few weeks, the product began to crack in the pot and smell like hard boiled chicken eggs. Not sure what is going on, but I’m upset that it went bad- I took care of it and shut it tight. When I applied it the day I got it, it was not easy. The booklet that came with my package recommends using a flat eyeshadow brush with it (luckily, I have many). The brush does make application easier, but it is not as opaque as I like. This eyeshadow is basically a pot of blue and purple sparkles, and it is gorgeous to look at.


Wisp is a yellowy, mousse highlighter with shimmer. I enjoy the texture, but it makes me look a little dirty because it accentuates my pores. I regret not getting a dramatic white highlighter instead. Take my opinion lightly, however, because I am not very experienced with highlighters.


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