Goals for the End of 2017

Note: I never published this, but since this time has passed, I can reflect.

After completing all my goals for Fall, I need to make a new list of goals. I enjoy seeing my progress as I get older, and I hope these post serve as inspiration when I’m older and drained of motivation.

  1. Feel comfortable driving on the freeway alone. Finish by: June 18
    • Haha, I completed this in May, but boy it took me a couple months to get comfortable again after the accident.
  2. Take a road trip, probably to Vegas. Finish by: December
    • Did not happen.
  3. Complete all classes (Physics, Chemistry, and Cinema) with an A. Finish by: June 1
    • All except Physics were completed with an A. All physics received a B.
  4. Figure out a work out routine so my parents will shut up about my weight and I can feel like I am worthy of dating. Finish by: August
    • I did this beginning this summer 2018. I think I got my parents to shut up, though, which is great.
  5. Enroll in the classes I want in Fall and complete them with at least a B (Organic Chemistry, Chinese 1, Linear Algebra)
    • Completed with As for the entire 2017-18 school year. Includes Ochem 1&2, Chinese, Linear Algebra, English, Psych, Genetics, and Speech.

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