Summer 2018 Goals Update

As mentioned in my previous post, here are goals I made for myself. The ones I have completed or have planned will be bolded. Crossed out goals are cancelled. Italicized goals are in the process of being planned.

  1. Volunteer at a health facility (I can’t volunteer because of my hair)
  2. Travel up north for 1+ week (Spending 4 days up north in a couple weeks with my bros)
  3. Go to Vegas for my 21st birthday
  4. Eat dim sum with my friends
  5. Visit a Korean Spa
  6. Do some sort of project with the Raspberry Pi
  7. Relearn how to ride a bike
  8. Learn to play some kind of eSports (Overwatch, Fortnite, or LoL) (I downloaded Fortnite for PC, I sucked playing Mei on Overwatch for PS4)
  9. Attend 1 Expo (I’m going to KCON with comrades and meeting a fellow future Anteater!)
  10. Continue playing Blade & Soul  (BnS has not added a new chapter)
  11. Read one of my Gallagher Girls books

These days, I’m just sitting at home doing nothing and it feels terrible. I’m just waiting 2 months to move to university. I started new meds last week, and it has made my depression worse. I’m slowly taking risks to spice up my life, but I have 0 motivation.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten some other things done this summer that I did not previously list.

  1. Work on research at university
  2. Get my car’s oil changed
  3. Transport a mini fridge (blocking my rear window…) for an hour
  4. Get laid
  5. Go to the gym
  6. Bring down my cholesterol
  7. Visit family from out of town

Here is my new, revised list of goals for the rest of the summer.

  1. Get new brakes and tires
  2. Visit my brother up north
  3. Go to Vegas for my 21st birthday
  4. Eat dim sum with a friend
  5. Learn to play Fortnite on my PC
  6. Clean my room before moving out
  7. Pack up everything I need for the dorms
  8. Play tennis again
  9. Settle my antidepressants + regain my appetite

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