Hair Color Goals Update

Finally had a chance to dye my own hair (rather than going to my hairdresser and having it done). One of the things I enjoy about doing my own hair is that I get to experiment and do all sorts of things. In fact, I’m writing this as I am waiting for my hair to process. I had a bunch of different dyes, but none of them were a full tube. My hair is going to be a bunch of Pravana Blue, Sparks Key Lime, Mermaid Blue, Purple Passion, and Green Envy. I actually forgot I bought Mermaid blue to mix with others, rather than applying it by itself. Oops. Anyway, here’s some updated plans of what I want to do with my hair. I realize I’m running out of time because I’m going to university, but hopefully I can get everything I really want done before I go.

Many of these are repeats from before, but I want to narrow the list. I pretty much have no dye at this point, too, so I’m writing this to help me decide what I want my next shipment to have. Colors mentioned in each potential look is a possible dye, but I might not use that combination when I decide to do it.

Dye Combinations to Try

  1. Electric Blue + Hot Pink (Goal: Neon purple?)

Looks to Try

  1. Blue, Yellow (University of California)
    • Hoping to enter university with this color scheme
    • Sparks Electric Blue
    • Monsters Chirp
  2. Neon Blue, Neon Purple, Bright Pink (Unicorn/Cotton Candy)
    • Pravana Neon Blue
    • Pulp Riot Nirvana
    • Monsters Unforgettable
    • Pravana Neon Blue OR Sparks E. Blue + MM Unforgettable
  3. Blue, Orange (Complementary)
    • Manic Panic Blue Moon
    • Monsters Multi-pass
  4. Blue, Neon Green, Yellow (my ultimate form)
    • Sparks Electric Blue
    • Monsters Monster
    • Sparks Sunburst Yellow OR Monsters Chirp

I think my next shipment of dye + hair products will include

  1. 1 bowl
  2. 3 bottles of Ion Absolute perfection Booster
    • I want to see if it really does help. Experimenting
  3. 1 tub each of Makeup Monsters Multi-Pass and Monster
  4. 2 tubes of Sparks Blue
  5. 1 Bottle of Manic Panic Amplified Blue Moon

Side Note:

I don’t plan to use the following dyes ever again-

  1. Sparks Green Envy (Didn’t like color, kind of muddy)
  2. Sparks Mermaid Blue (Low color payoff, disappointment)
  3. Splat Blue Envy (Didn’t look good on me, washed out fast)

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