Travel Destinations 2018

I may have mentioned before that this is the last year I will live at home because I’m going to university in September. Most likely, I will stay in Southern California, but I will not be with my parents while I am at school. Typically, I take classes during summer, but because I will be transferring, I cannot attend a summer semester in my next school and there is nothing left to take at community college. This gives me the perfect opportunity to travel. Considering I traveled by myself in Israel for almost a month, I feel confident in traveling to the next places I want to go.

Places I can visit for a day

These locations are relatively close to my home, so I can drive there and/or go with my mom (my dad doesn’t like to travel).

  1. Wi Spa in Koreatown
  2. Farmer’s Market & The Grove in Fairfax
  3. The Queen Mary in Long Beach
  4. Some place that sells Mount Hermon Moscato 2016 (bc that shit is good)
  5. Descanso Gardens in La Canada
  6. Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim because I want to go on the roller coaster
  7. Galileo Griffith Observatory
  8. Universal Studios in Hollywood
  9. Universal CityWalk
  10. The Getty Center
  11. Citadel Outlets so I can mourn the Blacura
  12. Skirball Center
  13. Santee Alley
  14. Anime Expo 2018 (not really a big fan of anime but I hope I like it)

Far away places

These locations are far from home, so I need accommodations there.

  1. San Diego, CA to see my aunts
  2. Santa Cruz, CA to see my brother
  3. Portland, OR to see my brother and a friend
  4. Seattle, WA to see my cousin and the Chihuly museum
  5. 4 Day Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and Catalina Island, CA
  6. Palm Desert, CA to see my aunt
  7. Las Vegas, NV to see my family and a friend
  8. New York City, NY because I’ve never fully explored any part of the East Coast
  9. Bravo Farms in Traver, CA because last time I went there, I did not eat any BBQ
  10. San Francisco, CA because last time I went there, I was 10 and didn’t appreciate it

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