2018 New Year’s Resolutions

With this year being one of the last that I live at home with my parents, it’s time I start making some resolutions on how to adult. Fortunately, I’ve been making progress in adulting. I made my first in-person bank deposit, purchased windshield wipers (but there’s something off with my driver’s side…), learned how to drive, and survived my first (And hopefully only, Baruch Hashem) car accident. So here’s some other things I want to learn how to do.1. Cook a variety of meals from scratch (as opposed to instant mashed potatoes or mac & cheese)

2. Change my oil & filter

3. Change a tire

4. Regain confidence in driving that I lost in the accident (It’s been 5 months at this point)

5. Maintain an organized schedule that incorporates self-care, adequate sleep, arriving to classes on time, and completing homework (To be completed when I am at university)

6. Read the 4 books I bought from the local bookstore

7. Somehow remember my Israel trip and finish writing my journal

Of course, I’d like to lose weight and get back to benching 70+ lbs, but I don’t want to make that a resolution. I have more important things to do.


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