Blade & Soul Adventures 1

I made a new character on Blade & Soul, and through it, I hope to make note of the side quests and important details of the main campaign. So I’m going to blog about what I realize. As of now, Meizee (Soul Fighter) is Level 50 HM 4 and Zillitor (Assassin) is Level 18. The more advanced character is in Intermission while Zillitor has just entered Jadestone Village.

The main idea of this is that some of the side quest characters are recurring, so I want to document each time I encounter them. Some of the characters I write about I know I’ll see in the future, others I don’t expect to.


Collected his diary from Dusk Adders after protecting two pig herders, Gyungdu and Namun.  Orpun is trying to be rich. Returned his diary. He just recently quit being the apprentice for Hamatai, the local weapons merchant (side quest).


Is this dude the spy of the Bamboo Guard? Or was it Soyoo? I forgot. (Campaign).


His eyes don’t look so good. They’re dark. (Training quest). He’s got super dark undereyes and red cheeks for the 5th training. I think this is the one where he dies?

Yu Jipyung-

I think this dude’s a crook. He was trying to steal the stolen gold from the Dusk Adders, right? (Side quest).


Who is Jinwaryo? What quest did I do for her? Gohtai is associated with Buyong and Jinwaryo. (Side quest).


Found Hatari as a pig in Whalesong Cove. He’s associated with Bujang, who just lost his son to crabs. The beach kind.

Blindman Anh and Blindman Sim-

Those two dudes from Foshi Pyres? Yeah, they’re on the road to Jadestone Village. These dudes are associated with a dude named Nabonsa, who I am guessing is not so blind. (side quest)

Hong Yunlang-

“Independent organization specializing in passionate acquisition of locally-held belongings” that’s the description Hong Yunlang provides for the Blackram.

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