Re: Goals for Fall 2016

Just an update from the future.

1. You passed Biology with a B. It was so tough but you did it. 

2. You barely got the A, you homework avoiding shmuck. But you did that too. 

3. You got into physics 222 and passed that, 2% away from an A. You still got a B. Oh well

4. Yes, thanks to priority registration from work, you got the classes you wanted for spring. You got a great schedule. 

5. But no you didn’t get your license. 


Too Much GTA

About a month ago, my brother and I received our first TV console- a PlayStation 4. He’s enjoying Overwatch with his friends while I, who has little to no friends with a PS4, am wasting my nights playing GTA V.

I love the map. I love that it is a playground. I get my jollies from killing people and making them suffer.

But this game is too realistic for me. While I enjoy playing in an alternate Los Angeles, I am afraid of it affecting the way I drive in real life.

I saw a nice muscle car the other day and thought “wow, I should steal that car”. But then I realized I can’t do that in real life. I probably sound like a shmuck saying that but it is true. I’m also afraid of being chased by the cops, but then I remember that the possibility of that happening is much less likely then me running over real pedestrians for fun.

As far as driving goes, I am making great progress. I think I’ll be ready to take my driving test in two months. I drove my first full length out of town trip (1.5 hours each way) today, and overall I feel more confident as a driver than when I first started in September. 

Still suck at parking though. 

GTA has helped me understand reverse better. Hopefully I can learn to park from it, too.