Goals for Fall 2016

At this point, I want to list the things I want from myself so I can look back and see how I did.

  1. Pass Biology with at least a B. Right now, I’m barely making it. I need to study more. My new routine will include copying the powerpoint notes before class, doing study guide questions every weekend, and using Quizlet to understand the concepts more in depth. If my teacher won’t assign homework, I’ll assign it myself.
  2. Pass Differential Equations with an A. In the future, I hope to do a workshop for this class in MESA
  3. Obtain priority registration from work. I really fucking need this holy shit.
  4. Get into Physics 222 and pass with at least a B. please, maizy. please. I need to be able to tutor this in the spring semester so I can improve.
  5. Get my AS-T in Physics. Because why not?
  6. Acquire a driver’s license before Spring 2017 starts.

A Post for my Ex, a Year After

Almost a year ago, I wrote a public, heartfelt letter to who was then my boyfriend, Ryan. I broke up with him in the end of July 2016, and after having a good amount of time to think things through, I wish to write a follow-up on my blog- a collection of thoughts I have.

Although I know he used to read my blog, I do not expect him to read this. And if he does, I hope it will be during a time when he no longer feels attached to me at all. This post is for me, a letter to myself. Continue reading