Pledge of Allegiance Part 2

This is a growing list of problems America has that I believe this generation can fix.

1. Police brutality against Black people (racism).

2. Overall racial profiling that contributes to the mistreatment of Black people  in stores, law, homes, etc. (racism)

3. Stereotypes that hurt East Asians such as “women must be submissive”, “if you cover up, you must be oppressed”, “Asians only exist to please others”, and “all Asian men are too feminine” (racism, feminism).

4. American studies on East Asian acne is few, yet studies do not denote ethnicities of skin types (racism).

5. Typically scientific studies for drugs are dedicated to cisgender men, which results in false information with intake for the female sex (feminism).

6. Foreign European products are luxury but foreign East Asian products are taking away jobs from America (racism).

7. Bush did 9/11 (we covered your ass)

8. People from African countries are “crazy” for their body modifications, but white people getting random Chinese symbol-looking tattoos and multiple piercings are “stylish”. (racism x2)

9. Programming a chant into citizens at a young age and getting angry at them when they decide they don’t want to do it (nationalism).

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