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I am updating my about page because I noticed it still said I am 17, among other old information. Here is the old about page. Commentary, which is made a little over a year after writing this bio, is bolded.

Maizy is a 17 year old girl from “Cauliflower”. She describes herself as a narcissist, pessimist, feminist, and liberal. She plans on being an electronic or chemical engineer. She has two older brothers, a younger brother, a plethora of cousins, and two loving Great Danes named Rio and Jackie. Her favorite color is blue.

haha boy did i not realize that i might actually want to be a doctor in the future.

Maizy is of European and Asian descent. She is born to a Jewish father and a Buddhist mother. She is raised Jewish and continues to embrace the culture, but chooses to believe and live in secular values. Her scientific mind finds it easier to believe in proven ideas.

Though she listens to multiple artists from many genres, he favorite music artists are Krewella, Zedd, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, and, reluctantly, Pitbull. She would like to see Pitbull more respectful to girls and not objectify them.

LOLOLOL GUESS WHAT YOU LOVE KPOP NOW and you’re going to go through a phase larger than the one you went through at 13 years old.

Her celebrity idols include Nicki Minaj, Gloria Steinem, and Michelle and Barack Obama. Her goals in life are to graduate high school with an accumulative 4.0+ GPA, earn a 5 on the AP Calc AB test, and get vaccinated for a flu shot every year before November.

good job, younger me. you graduated high school in white and earned the 5 on the AP Calc AB test. and you got a shot during October, I think. it was at Walgreen’s this time.

Her purpose for this blog is to inform her readers of her political opinions, her view of feminism, multiple thoughts about life, problems in games such as ourWorld and Chicken Smoothie, and what she thinks good music really is.

She thanks all of her readers for taking the time to listen to her kind words of wisdom and hopes that her ideas will be spread so the world can be a better place.

i took kind out because i’m a much saltier person, but at the same time i have terrible anxiety. this is great.

Skin Type-
Oily T-Zone & Eyelids; Normal rest of face
Pimples typically found on lower cheeks, temples, chest, back (Only pimples are face are being treated)
Bright skin, but uneven skin tone; enlarged pores
Medium skin color, mix of yellow

just found out im probably NC35. awesome. also guess what, your face is almost clear.

Chicken Smoothie: Maizy
ourWorld: aMaIzYnG
Playtest ourWorld: Maizy
RuneScape: Zillitor
DragonCave: Zillitor
Ether Saga Odyssey: Meizee (Ancestral Ruins)

how sad 😦 ESO has been dead since 1/7/2016.

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