Skin Care Routine May 2016

I’ve calmed down with the amount of products I use every day. My routine is drastically shortened because I don’t have a lot of time, I am lazy, and I want to save money, especially when my skin is fine.

My only problems are acne, which has greatly reduced since switching to Vestura from Lutera, and some dullness I guess (I dunno I don’t really care about that too be honest).

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Makeup Wishlist Update 1

Wishlists are ever changing, so it’s only fair to update it every now and then.

I was thinking about adding skin care, but skin care is much different from makeup, where the skincare product must work for the skin and makeup can be used across many skin types. However, I may implement a skin care wishlist in the future. Continue reading

What’s on my iPod May 2016

Here are songs that I added to my April playlist, which can be found here.

Definitely indulged in all things Jolin Tsai. Loved her dramatic stuff, but quickly grew out of the bubblegum pop (Dr. Jolin, Phony Queen). Also gave Tao’s I’m the Sovereign another chance while sitting on the bus and I was very happy. Not an absolute favorite, but was satisfying.

also really digging BTS’s Fire. like SERIOUSLY loving it.

  1. If It Ain’t Love- Jason Derulo
  2. Honey Trap- Jolin Tsai
  3. The Great Artist- Jolin Tsai
  4. Phony Queen- Jolin Tsai
  5. Dr. Jolin- Jolin Tsai
  6. This is Love- Super Junior
  7. I’m the Sovereign- Z.Tao
  8. E.R.- Dalmatian
  9. Sexy, Free, and Single- Super Junior
  10. Want U Back- 100%
  11. Expect- Girl’s Day
  12. Fire- BTS

and yes, still listening to Break Down by SuJu-M (and also Dope by BTS)

Review: BH Cosmetics First Edition 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette

The front of the 120 Color Palette

The front of the 120 Color Palette

There aren’t many mainstream palettes out there that offer mainly unconventional colors, and there are even less that do it at an affordable-for-a-college-budget price. I knew of the Urban Decay Electric palette, which still would be a wonderful addition to my collection, but when I saw the countless positive reviews for this palette on Amazon, I had to see for myself. Also, my friend Tia, who is a professional makeup artist, recommended the brand to me.
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