Makeup Wishlist

For some reason, I’m extremely interested in having fun with makeup- so much that it’s actually distracting me from school and adding to the long list of reasons I cannot focus on schoolwork.

I also want to be a reviewer of makeup, not necessarily a hugely prestigious one, but one that discusses unconventional colors and products, quick ways to get ready, and some science behind makeup, if I happen to know any (I’m absolutely inspired by Stephanie Nicole).

Currently, I have an obsession with liquid lipsticks- mainly dark, non neutral colors, so I hope to expand my collection beyond 1 nude color from Covergirl and 1 blue color from Beauty Bakerie. Considering my lack of extra funds and the recent introduction of an increased cell phone bill (my whole family just upgraded to smartphones), I won’t have frequent reviews nor a huge collection of makeup. This doesn’t necessarily bother me because I don’t have time to write a review every day, and I don’t want a plethora of makeup that will just sit in my bathroom waiting to expire. I wear makeup occasionally even though I would like to wear it more often.

Also, I’m strictly blogging. I’m way too shy to go on camera.

Here’s a wishlist of items, organized by how I’ll likely buy them. Continue reading


From Tumblr:

About a month ago, I wrote a post discussing the gender identities of cogs on Toontown. It has been somewhat of a hit in the Toonblr community, which is very gender friendly, so I thought I would share it on WordPress. I’m really happy with what I wrote and that many other people agree with it. Below is the complete post.

I like to see cogs of Toontown in a similar situation to the gems of Steven Universe. They don’t have a sex (and from what I’ve heard, most are genderless).

It makes sense. They’re built to perform corporate activities, so gender is probably not compatible with their software.

But let’s say that their engineer wanted to implement gender expression. I would think that all of them tend to be more masculine (similar to how gems tend to be more feminine), but we do get cogs on the feminine side, who aren’t outright women, such as Micromanager (who reminds me of Edna Mode), The Mingler, Name Dropper, and Number Cruncher.

But really- why would cogs have gender? They’re robots built solely for business purposes, and they’re not to have any feelings. Why would they have a sense of self?

I was reading about Toontown Rewritten’s perception of cogs and how it differs from Toontown Online’s cogs. Disney’s TTO establishes cogs as adult robots whose corporate activities ruin fun for kids. These robots have no personality. They just follow orders. They definitely don’t have gender.

Toontown Rewritten? I can see the potential for them to have gender and a reason behind their gender expression, but I will still stick to the idea that the majority are genderless. But still, they are programmed for corporations. They don’t have time (and probably no will) to think about themselves.

What’s On My iPod Catch Up & March 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, as it always is. I’ve been spending my time trying to survive calculus, physics, and computer science on top of battling some (vaguely diagnosed) mental illness and playing Toontown Rewritten with my friends.

Here are my picks for the last 3 months.


  1. Growing Pains- Super Junior D&E
  2. Flying, Deep in the Night- Kyuhyun
  3. Dope- BTS
  4. Run- BTS
  5. Love Me Right- EXO*
  6.  Evanesce- Super Junior
  7. Blue Word- Super Junior

*I typically listen to the Chinese version of EXO songs, unless noted. The language difference is minimal, but I do think that the Korean versions tend to be better because the songs were probably written in that language and they got Chanyeol, whose voice is as smooth as butter. That being said, I’m hoping that by listening to Mandarin, some of it will rub on me.


  1. Dumb Dumb- Red Velvet
  2. Wolf- EXO
  3. One Day One Chance- Max, Key, Luna, SuHo, Xiumin (from School Oz OST)
  4. Fly- Got7
  5. Wow Wow Wow (feat. Eric)- Jun Jin

I still listen to Break Down often, along with other songs from older playlists.