What’s on my iPod of December 2015

I wanted to wait a while after posting the playlists of 2015 to share the playlist for December 2015. Turns out, I found so much great music that I had to create 2 large YouTube playlists! I fell in love with Super Junior (especially Super Junior M) songs, so they comprise the majority of my playlists.

Playlist 12/01/2015

  1. Rising Hope- LiSA
  2. Rock Ur Body- VIXX
  3. I Need U- BTS
  4. Mirotic- TVXQ
  5. Catch Me- TVXQ
  6. Break Down- Super Junior-M
  7. It’s You- Super Junior
  8. Why I Like You- Super Junior
  9. View- SHINee

During this time, I absolutely loved Catch Me and Break Down, both of which I still overplay today. I also found Siwon excessively hot appealing in Break Down.

Playlist 12/14/2015

  1. Spy- Super Junior
  2. Magic- Super Junior
  3. Perfection- Super Junior-M
  4. A-Cha- Super Junior
  5. Hush- miss A
  6. Napal Baji- Psy
  7. Daddy- Psy
  8. Play- Jolin Tsai
  9. I’m Not Yours (feat. Namie)- Jolin Tsai
  10. Boom Boom (feat. Mei)- Dong Nhi
  11. Bad Boy- Dong Nhi
  12. Fantastic- Henry (of SuJu-M)

Many of these songs were added because I found them in the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), which I enjoyed with my brother and my parents. It was exciting even though I watched it 2 weeks after it aired.

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