Carrageenan Shopping List

Inspired by the shopping list of another location from

Because my sensitivity to carrageenan has become a huge part of my life, I will dedicate an entire blog category to a shopping list of foods in Southern California that do not contain carrageenan. It’s found in most dairy products, including cream, chocolate milk, and egg nog. All the products listed do not have carrageenan in it, unless otherwise noted.

I have not found ready-made chocolate milk that does not have carrageenan. This does not include chocolate syrups and powders, though they may contain carrageenan.

Egg Nog-

  • So Delicious Coconut Milk Egg Nog
  • Horizon Organic
  • Silk Pumpkin Spice Nog
    • ONLY this specific product; the regular Nog has carrageenan. Silk mentions they do not use this ingredient on the Pumpkin Spice carton


  • If your average cow milk has carrageenan in it, there is something wrong with the dairy producing it. Who puts carrageenan in regular milk?

Ice cream-

  • Haagen-daz
  • Trader Joes (check ingredients)


Cottage cheese-

  • Knudsen (With pineapples, confirmed)

Soy milk-

  • Local brand soy milk found in A Dong Supermarket, made by the soy and tofu factory across the street

Yogurt drink-

  • Lala

Whipping Cream-

  • Trader Joe’s (Organic only)

This post may be updated from time to time. Feel free to bookmark it in case of any additions to this list.

EDIT: This was supposed to be part of a series of posts focused on carrageenan-free foods, but since 2016, I have lost that sensitivity and there is no need for me to write about it any longer.

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