Game Review: Forsaken World Mobile

After discussing my game history and watching Sword Art Online, I found myself missing the thrill of playing an MMORPG. Unfortunately, my laptop is at my uncle’s house, so I am left to using my new tablet for gaming. (And thanks to its specs, it’s perfect for an amateur tablet user like me.)

As far as appearance goes, I found the graphics similar to Ether Saga Odyssey/Online. Usernames and NPC titles were all over the place, but there is an option to fade them away. There are many glitches in the game, specifically in messages. In the daily 3 question quest, some of the glitches that may appear are cut-off messages, bunched words, and blank responses.

I reached level 34 before I quit playing. Leveling was a breeze up until sometime around level 25. All I did was follow the main quests and allow the game to auto-direct me. This is similar to gameplay in Dawn of the Immortals, another Perfect World Entertainment game. The map is quite small. There are only 4 places (so far) to access. The quests are tough and rely on party cooperation, which is terrible for me because I’m an asocial solo player.

The game ran relatively smooth with some delays here and there, but I played this on a basic, low cost tablet. (You can find the specs in my tablet review.) Forsaken World Mobile felt like a computer game in its gameplay and interface.

One last thing that bugged me was the gender-locked classes. I initially chose a male character, expecting to customize it into a female. Nope, didn’t happen.

tl;dr I would only recommend this game to people who love to grind away and don’t mind repetition. I found Pocket Maplestory much more enjoyable.

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