My Blog Type

In all my years of blogging, I have owned 3 major blogs including a guide to the now-defunct Dizzywood and two variety blogs, one of them being this. I have yet to find an actual category to describe this, but I feel better to not do such a thing because it limits the content I want to post. I don’t blog to appeal to advertisers or the masses. I blog to describe things that matter to me whether it is the controversial subject of cultural appropriation or a calm review of the many makeup brushes I just got. 

I love writing beauty reviews, but truth is that I don’t use these products often enough (nor have enough money and products) to constantly write about my experience with these products. The beauty blog world doesn’t need me as a regular anyway.

My gender is a new thing to me, technically. I could dedicate this blog to my exploration and expression, but it would bore me to only write about this. Also, I have the privilege to hide my gender behind a “passing” ciswoman façade. I’m not a worthy representative of this branch of non-binary genders.

Although feminism is an important subject to me, I cannot always have a topic to rant. Ranting depletes my energy. I also make so many mistakes that it would be terrible to have me as a leader of intersectional feminist blogging. I cannot handle that pressure.

I love to write about beauty, gender, and feminism, but I think it is also important for me to document my feelings toward college, current events, and the latest trends in entertainment, not just for me, but for others who want to see. Lord knows how many times I’ve looked up and down for reviews on products I want, an analysis of my favorite movie, or the experiences of other demiwomen.

Perhaps the best way to describe my blog is a life blog. Just like life, you don’t know what I’ll throw at you next.

Milennial blog? College blog? Maizy blog?

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