Life Hits Hard

The following is a post about real life events. I’m experimenting with a different style of writing, one that I feel fits the abrupt nature of these experiences.

When I graduated high school, I knew I was basically an adult. The next day felt anticlimactic, but I did not know how fast things would change.

One week of summer. Then Honors English for eight weeks. Mom got a job. I went from wishing to go out more to missing days I spent at home. Ryan started working more. One week: help at local elementary. Go to Dad’s work. Continue reading


My Blog Type

In all my years of blogging, I have owned 3 major blogs including a guide to the now-defunct Dizzywood and two variety blogs, one of them being this. I have yet to find an actual category to describe this, but I feel better to not do such a thing because it limits the content I want to post. I don’t blog to appeal to advertisers or the masses. I blog to describe things that matter to me whether it is the controversial subject of cultural appropriation or a calm review of the many makeup brushes I just got.  Continue reading