Blue Hair

After dreaming of having blue hair since I was 12, I finally got the under part of my hair blue. I will discuss the process, upkeep, and plans of my hair.

Initially, I wanted my friend to bleach my hair and dye it herself, but after doing a strand test myself and discussing her experience with the products, I was afraid the color would come out too dark. I went to a salon where I spent $75 + tip for the stylist to bleach the bottom half of my hair (measured from the scalp) and dye it blue. I was expecting something professional from her, like Pravana, but she actually used drugstore brand Splat in Blue Envy, much to my disappointment. That color faded quickly, losing its vibrancy after 2 washes and became light not too long after that. However, this color did not bleed very much. After the 2nd wash, I conditioned with N Rage Cobalt dye + conditioner, and that helped restore a little color.

Second time, I dyed my hair myself the night before high school graduation with N Rage in Cobalt Blue, leaving the color in for <2 hours. The color came out very nice, perhaps more vibrant than Splat, but it bled everywhere, even after a 2nd wash (with shampoo). Long story short, my white robe and golden awards have blue stains on them. This color lasted a little longer than Splat; I think the vibrancy lasted 1 or 2 more washes and the color lightened in a similar amount of time.

Third time, I dyed my hair again the night before I went to the Ojai Lavender Festival with N Rage in Cobalt Blue, leaving the color in for at least 12 hours (I slept in it). Before I went to sleep, I would spray the dye with my Ion Keratin spray in hopes of reactivating the dry dye (I will admit, I don’t have any evidence to support this did anything, but it did not hurt the dye process). After rinsing my hair, I applied a Biotera Conditioner for color treated hair then a One N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask for 10+ minutes (both are free samples from Sally Beauty). This was a huge success because the next day, my neck did not turn blue despite the hot sun that makes me sweat. I’m currently on this dye job with the third wash, and most of the vibrancy has left me, but it lasts more on the part of my hair that touches my back. The dye closest to my roots, in most strand of hair, has completely left me with yellow. I need to leave in the color longer.

Here’s my washing technique.

  • Only wash blue part 1-2 times a week. Brown part can be washed more, but I must section and separate to prevent getting my blue hair wet.
  • I used to use Loreal EverPure for color treated hair, but I found the Sally Beauty sample of Hair One Cleansing Conditioning cleanser for color treated hair takes away less color.
  • Cold water on blue part. ONLY. This requires me to bend over when I wash my hair.
  • I also have a problem where I do not scrub everywhere I’d like, despite my best efforts. This results in a semi-clean, oily patch of hair, fresh out of the shower.
  • If necessary, condition blue part with dye + white conditioner. This has proven to bring back some color.
  • After cleaning process is done, complete wash with the aforementioned Restorative Mask on the blue to prevent bleeding.

The biggest problem to come to “dye hards” is the damage that comes with bleaching. When my hair was bleached, the stylist found a problem where a portion of my hair would not completely turn yellow, and she claimed it was previously dyed. I have never consented to dying any part of my hair before, but I had an idea what could have happened. I used to go to another stylist who had a language barrier with me, and I think he dyed my old highlights brown the last time I saw him. (This would explain why that visit cost more than the second to last visit I had with him, even though my hair was 14 inches shorter and he completely ignored the bottom half of my very short hair. So unfair.) Back to the quality of my hair, the part of my blue hair that touches the brown hair is more damaged than my initially virgin hair closest to my neck. Dye does not hold well in this damaged portion, and it turns green quicker than the healthier hair. Additionally, all of my hair feels healthier when it is freshly dyed.

I feel very fortunate to say that even in my hair’s worst form, it still maintains a straight, not wiry, look despite lots of breakage and split ends (I naturally do not get split ends). I can run my fingers through my hair and it feels silky smooth. Maybe it is due to any of the 3 samples that Sally Beauty gave me, maybe it is thanks to the N Rage dye (bought from Sally Beauty). Whatever it is, I would just like to thank my mother for her wonderful East Asian hair genes and my dad for his brown hair color because I am sure most hair does not respond this well to treatment.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that as my hair fades, the strands become different colors, making the color scheme of a male peacock, my spirit animal.

My future plans for my hair include getting root touch ups, trying Pravana Vivids (both original and Locked-In in blue), and doing an ombre of blue to teal or neon green. The ombre is also my backup plan if the stylist cannot keep the newly bleached and the previously dyed sections consistent. I will be getting a touch up by the end of September.

I ordered 2 different dyes from Sally- Ion in Sky Blue and One N Only Argan Oil in Midnight Blue (I think). I hope to compare these to N Rage, but I think N Rage might be the best. I have no interest in Manic Panic because I don’t think it would last and it is more expensive than N Rage. If Pravana dyes do not last as long as I would like, I would like to try Joico and then Schwarzkopf (the latter is actually a drugstore brand in the UK). My preferences on blue are pretty flexible, so as long as my hair does not turn navy gray.

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