The Dogmother Awakens Me

Rio, the chubby, black, and white Piebald Cow Great Dane, awakens me. It is 7am, and I just want to go back to sleep. She walked from my dad’s room into mine because she wants something. The gate blocking her merle mantel daughter named Jackie, also prevents Rio from bothering my mom who sleeps downstairs. Rio needs to pee, probably. If not that, then she needs to poop. Either way, I have to be the thumbs that unlock the door and let her out for her duty. Before her pregnancy, I would wait about a minute or sit on the toilet myself before letting her in. Now that Jackie is around, I watch them with half open eyes, so I can catch Jackie before she jumps in the pool and needs to be dried. It sounds like a pain in the ass, but I think it is worth it.Rio and Jackie do not do our dishes, unless I count licking them clean. Jackie has cost us hundreds in damage because she chews the walls. After giving birth, Rio does not run around much and lays in the most inconvenient spots, especially when we are cooking in the kitchen.

But they love my family and me unconditionally. I may wake up with the reluctance of losing whatever sleep stasis I had, but I know that Rio loves me. Either that or she is trying to survive and she wishes she had opposable thumbs with a good grip. She also only shows my mom affection when she is hungry although that has recently been replaced with violet fights with Jackie

For 5 years, Rio has been a part of our family. From the time she was 7 weeks to the time she was a jumpy, lanky thing like Jackie, to the chubby cow she is now, there is an irreplaceable spot in our family’s hearts dedicated to this animal. Both Rio and Jackie attend to the busiest place in the house when they’re not sleeping under the dining room table or next to my dad’s bed. These places in the “busiest place” include adjacent to the fridge door, closet door, backyard door, front door, and pantry door.

When my boyfriend Ryan visits the house, she becomes the happiest puppy on Earth. Young Rio, with all her jumps, squeals, and clinginess, returns. Her happiness gives me hope. I do not know what kind of hope or why it gives me hope, but I don’t question this good thing.

Jackie gets excited for everyone. She is only 9 months old at this point. One day, Jackie’s giddiness, late night and early morning swims, and jump hugs will be something of the past. For now, I hope to preserve it.

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