Westernization: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This essay is AGAINST the effects of Westernization in East Asia; it received a score of 95%. Westernization is the process of a country adopting the ideals and lifestyle of a Western country, such as the USA and England. Western beauty for women is typically depicted as a light skinned Caucasian, but this image is fatal to the minds and lives of women in East Asia. Some aspects of Westernization help the entire world such as computer innovation. If the world can tame the domination of Western culture, the synergy of these countries can produce a better future for everyone that the West harms. Continue reading


Blue Hair

After dreaming of having blue hair since I was 12, I finally got the under part of my hair blue. I will discuss the process, upkeep, and plans of my hair. Continue reading


Today is my 18th birthday! Soon I’ll be getting a car and my license… I hope. I’m so scared. I don’t want to drive but I have to…

I plan to go to school ALL DAY today because I have a morning and a night class.

New Obsession: Orphan Black

Rarely am I intrigued by television, as I prefer the interactive environment of a computer. Perhaps it was fate that I would find Orphan Black, a show my television soulmate (Jack) follows. After I watched the first episode, I was pulled by the mystery of Beth Childs and watched one episode after the other. Though the story is somewhat unique, it is the cinematography and Tatiana Maslany’s acting that truly bring the show together.

Spoilers to come for Orphan Black virgins. Continue reading

The Dogmother Awakens Me

Rio, the chubby, black, and white Piebald Cow Great Dane, awakens me. It is 7am, and I just want to go back to sleep. She walked from my dad’s room into mine because she wants something. The gate blocking her merle mantel daughter named Jackie, also prevents Rio from bothering my mom who sleeps downstairs. Rio needs to pee, probably. If not that, then she needs to poop. Either way, I have to be the thumbs that unlock the door and let her out for her duty. Before her pregnancy, I would wait about a minute or sit on the toilet myself before letting her in. Now that Jackie is around, I watch them with half open eyes, so I can catch Jackie before she jumps in the pool and needs to be dried. It sounds like a pain in the ass, but I think it is worth it. Continue reading