Doing Makeup Again

When I was 13, I was introduced to makeup because of my Bat Mitzvah ceremony. My mom wanted to make sure I looked formal, so we took a trip to the Glendale Galleria and looked for high quality makeup. A staff member showed us Lancome, where we purchased a lipstick, makeup remover (you know that one), and foundation. On our way out, a woman from Urban Decay caught our attention and since then, we’ve been UD junkies and have not given Lancome much consideration. After my bat mitzvah ceremony, however, makeup usage has declined for me because it takes a lot of time and creativity, much of which I focus on other things. Here is the process of what I do for a quick makeup fix.Currently, my mom and I are in the process of using up our older products such as our numerous blushes (5), bronzers (4), and lip colors (~25).

Before I begin makeup, I complete my morning skincare regimen. This will not be included in this post.

I apply a low-cost primer from Sally Beauty, Femme Couture Get Primed. So far, it has not made me break out, so I am very pleased with the product.

Liquid foundation or BB requires a lot of effort from me, and I feel that using it too often may break out my skin. I also consider it a more formal product. That being said, my go-to powder foundation, and the only one I have, is my 2010 Urban Decay powder foundation in Nirvana. I do not think this specific formulation is sold any longer.

I apply bronzer in an E-3 method with the middle ending below my cheekbones and a line on my nose. I get the feeling I may overdo my bronzer, but I live in California so I doubt it matters. I am using up this product, Avon Smooth Minerals in Golden Glow.

I have a few other blushes I cannot wait to use after this is used up. I apply an old Sebastian 3-color blush on the apples of my cheeks because I think I look cute. It is hard to find this product anywhere.

For lips, I prefer dark lip colors, but since this is for every day when the sun is out, I just use a simple e.l.f. Lip Balm Tint in Peach. Otherwise, I apply one of the dozens of lipsticks my mom has. I also lost my really nice, sparkly peachy-nude MAC lipstick.

EYES. For the quickest, most amaizyng look (not amazing, but as in signature to me), blue mascara and nothing else. ck One Color Mascara in Electrify is so bold it can stand on its own.

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