Response to a (White) Woman Who “Does Not Need Feminism”

My friend shared with me a video where a white woman was saying that feminism isn’t for true equality. Here is why she is wrong (and actually right in some ways).

1. There are feminists “complaining” about problems where women have the advantage. This includes male rape (which anti-fems always laugh at) to male body image (which I will admit is not as commonly discussed but the ball is definitely rolling)
2. Feminists ARE discussing domestic abuse toward men. These things take a lot of money (which is hard to spend when you’re making a fraction of what white men make), but there are not enough resources for women, either.
3. We focus more on women’s issues because we are more marginalized than men. Men are raped because the rapist wants to show authority over the victim. Women are raped because the rapist sees them as an object. (This is just a generalization of what typically happens. Not to say that one situation never fits the other party)
4. She is right when she says that feminists (especially famous, White women) are not including everyone.
5. “Men are objectified” Yes, but no where as often as women. Men are more likely to be judged for their performance while women are more likely to be judged for their appearance. Also… “Dad bod”.
6. Only thing I can say about custody of children is that it’s because of the assumption that women are fit to be mothers and caregivers. Other than that, she has a point. I don’t know much about this topic so I cannot share anything else.
7. Women definitely get ridiculed when they are raped. Rape culture, anyone? Also, men are most likely to be harassed by anti-feminists and “meninists” especially those who claim to want “TRUE” equality.
8. Don’t get me started on Afirmative Action. Go bother someone else who has time to explain why it exists in the first place.
9. Women get half the prison sentence because we’re seen as fragile creatures, but isn’t she going to talk about how white men get less time than a Black man who does the same thing? Or does her “true representation” only include white people?
10. Equality doesn’t stop at gender. She didn’t mention at all transgender people or POC who have color and race specific stereotypes that hurt them. While many (white) feminists ignore this as well, intersectional feminism has proven to cover almost everything she talks about.
11. While I agree that women should prove they are worthy to be given a job, people who are in charge (usually, um, men?) rarely judge women for their performance, and when presented resumes for a man and a woman (assuming same race) the man will most likely be chosen.
12. “reverse sexism” get a load of this. really? really? we’re not saying “we hate men”. Many of the problems that men would be nonexistent if men realized that anything associated with femininity is not shameful.

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