The Perks of Being Half-East Asian

As you may know, I am half-white/European-Jewish-countries, half-East Asian. My mother is half Chinese and half Vietnamese. Also, you may know that I am near Los Angeles, the best place to be, ever. Considering my mother was born and raised in Vietnam, she is fluent in Vietnamese and Cantonese. There are so many perks to having such a parent.1. Skin Genes

Pro: I am hardly ever bright white.
Con: Foundations and double-letter creams are hardly in my color.

Pro: As my cousin-doctor says, I have a “natural SPF”, so I rarely sunburn (he also said my SPF was less because I was mixed with white, but guess who got sunburned that day? Not me.)
Con: I have sunburned 2.5 times in my life. (I saved myself with aloe that half time.)

Pro: My mom does not have wrinkles, so that may give insight to my skin’s future. I also do not get eye bags; although dark circles are present.
Con: People think that I am in junior high school even though I graduate in 2 months.

2. Language

Pro: My mom gets little discounts like not paying sales tax in Chinatown, Little Saigon, Monterey Park, etc.
Con: I do not know what they are saying and I do not get this perk forever

Pro: My mom can speak at immigrant-run businesses (beauty salons, cosmetic stores) where I would not be able to communicate otherwise. Sometimes, they tell her things they would not tell other ethnicities.
Con: Sometimes, they talk about me because I hear them laughing and looking at me. This is usually succeeded with one of them pulling me by my shoulder and continuing to look and talk while I am clueless.

3. Food

Pro: My mom eats and cooks all sorts of foods. Spicy, unusual, fragrant…
Con: My palette is spoiled, yet somehow white at the same time. Also, I cannot take spicy food.

Pro: At Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants, my mom knows what foods would please my white taste buds.
Con: Sometimes she is wrong.

4. Culture

Pro: I learn and experience the cultures of my mom’s home country. Events such as Chinese New Year excite me.
Con: there’s no con to this ffs

Pro: Knowing about traditional, formal dresses and wearing them to social gatherings when acceptable (like the qipao and ao dai). Typically, no one else wears them.
Con: Celebrities like Katy Perry end up using these outfits in a performance that may allude to “submission”, and the costume may be culturally inaccurate.

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