Follow Policy

If you know me on (username is amaizyng), then you know that I often send mass questions to people I follow. Here is are the rules to stay within my circle.

I. Blocking: There are 2 reasons why I block.

1. In the past, I thought I could keep other people’s answers off my feed by blocking them. Now I realize this strategy does not work and I no longer use it. However, I have not cleaned off current block list because many of those people were blocked for the following reason.

2. Their answers are extremely disrespectful and follow stances that are anti-feminist, racist, ableist, sexist, etc. and I have no friendly connection to them and I do not wish to change that.

II. Unfollowing: There are 5 reasons I may unfollow someone

1. I unfollow people if I see them liking answers of people I block or share disrespectful views.

2. I unfollow people if their answers in general are disrespectful

3. I unfollow people if their answers to my questions avoid the question such as posting a completely irrelevant answer

4. I unfollow people whose answers to my questions piss me off for whatever reason. That being said, this is usually caused by a combination between the previous reason and some relevance to the actual question.

5. I unfollow people who are disrespectful in general, regardless of their answers. This is a judgment I make outside of

III. Following: You are probably wondering what one must do in order to be on my list. Here are some ways to get my follow. NOTE: I only follow people who show interest for intersectional feminist stances or people who are respectful. If you are anti-feminist or against any of the aforementioned disrespectful stances, I will not follow you if I see that reflecting in your answers.

1. Follow me and let me know via question. Liking my answer is no longer a valid way to get my attention, for I have many people like my questions without following me.

2. Be a member of ourWorld. My is primarily for the ourWorld Forumers community, so it is easier to make friends this way. That does not mean those who do not play will not get a follow.

3. Be an intersectional feminist, or someone who is willing to listen and be open to these views. If I see you liking many of my answers, or one of my friends likes an answer of yours that fits this description, I may follow you. I do not always follow feminists that I see on

Unfortunately, I often find myself unfollowing friends with whom I have a good rapport. As mentioned on a previous answer of mine, “Because I would rather not start fights, I will continue to be courteous to those who piss me off, whether or not offensive, but those people should not expect me to get closer to them, as I prefer likeminded people in these regards.” This is because I do not see my viewpoints as something that is opinionated but as something that respects the humanity to people who are denied it. By disagreeing with me, you are telling me you do not believe a certain group of people should be granted their right to humanity.

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