The Phone Came Back, sort of

Continuing from my previous post, The Phone That Got Away, this is a short post discussing the phone I have now and what I think went wrong with the previous phone.

Long story short, I bought 2 Kyocera Verves (1 for me, 1 for brother) and upon receiving it, I found a brand new Sanyo SCP-2700 online FOR Sprint with box. I got that and that is the phone I currently use and I lived happily ever after.

The other phone was actually a Sanyo PLS-2700, which was probably designed for smaller CDMA carriers, perhaps owned by Sprint, but not Boost Mobile who uses the SCP-2700.

I am in the process of returning 1 Kyocera Verve to Sprint with the excuse that my friend bought me the Sanyo 2700 (which is true… thanks, Dad) and I am disappointed in Sprint’s selection of feature phones, which have terrible battery life and boring colors on average.

I would like to thank Sprint for being so kind to my family and allowing us to return this phone and waiving the return fee because we have been customers for (probably) a decade. Sprint’s customer service never ceases to amaze me, and for that, I thank them.

Incidentally, my brother found a problem with his Kyocera Verve where he butt dialed 911 because of the phone’s emergency mode feature (* + OK), which cannot be switched to an off position through software or hardware. In order to completely prevent it, he must keep it off at all times, which is inconvenient. I will have my brother talk to Sprint about that.

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