Goodbye High School

As my four years in high school come to an end, I realize I am looking forward to graduation. Previously, I would have wanted to stay because of friends, growing up, and teachers. Now, it seems my future is much brighter than my present.

I lost many of my friends, for whatever reasons there may be. I have a few good ones, now, but I do not need high school to stay close. A small group of friends to bring to college might be a good thing. There will be room for more.

I am still afraid of growing up, but if there is anything Body Conditioning has taught me, it is that I can face the challenges presented to me, mentally and physically. I will have to learn to drive one day, and I must go through college and hard classes to continue to an even more challenging career of electronic engineering.

But I will not amount to anything unless I put myself through these hardships, and I will never make it big (to go on cruises, open a Planned Parenthood-like clinic, and pay off my parents’ debt) unless I amount to something.

My teachers will have to be left in the past. I am so grateful for the science department, who has always had my back. To retain personal information, I will not disclose the teachers’ names. I want to thank my chemistry teachers, my biology teacher, my physics teacher, the other physics teacher whom I never had, my computer science teacher, the computer science volunteers, and the AP environmental science teacher (coach) for being so kind to me through the years.

Thank you, Maria, the women’s restroom custodian, for cleaning up after all our messes. Thank you, Silver and all the other campus supervisors whose names I never got, for being so friendly (and letting me out of school when I forgot my ID card). Thank you, Leonard, who was also a campus supervisor but left us for another job early in the year.

Thank you, math teachers, for having faith in me and giving me the academic attention I needed.

Thank you, AP Lang teacher, for teaching me lessons in English that improved my writing (because I really needed that). Thank you, Shakespeare teacher, for having faith in my English skills despite our social differences.

Thank you, my counselor, for providing me all the academic and personal support I needed from you throughout these 4 years.

Thank you, my principal from last semester (and my comp sci teacher), for the opportunity to represent the school at the district board meeting. (Plus, thanks for the Starbucks card!)

Thank you, my 2 PE teachers, for giving me the workout I needed. A special thanks to my recent one who showed me, through my own physical demonstration, that all is possible as long as I persevere.

Thank you, X-Country/math teacher for putting up with my shenanigans during the first week of school.

If there was one thing I had to dispute about the school, I would suggest reform over how the school handles gender issues. Dress codes, sexual harassment, and gender identity are subjects that need to be handled better at this school. I will soon attend college with many of the armpits of my class, and I can only hope they will not harass me in any way, shape, or form.

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