The Phone Came Back, sort of

Continuing from my previous post, The Phone That Got Away, this is a short post discussing the phone I have now and what I think went wrong with the previous phone.

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The Phone That Got Away

Sprint lacks good basic phones (opposed to smartphones). Unfortunately, a smartphone plan for 5 people is completely out of my family’s price range, let alone the plan we have already. This means the 5 of us (2 parents, 1 brother, 1 Po Po, and me) must use flip phones, sliding text phones, resistive touch slide phones, etc. Sprint used to have interesting phones from their exclusive brand, Sanyo (Kyocera), such as the Incognito, Innuendo, and Juno/SCP-2700. Now, they only sell typical phones like the Kyocera Verve, the Alcatel ONE touch Retro, and the category of military-strength phones (that are still more basic than basic).

But I thought I could escape the curse when I found a $15 Sanyo SCP-2700, Used-Very Good on eBay. Continue reading

Finally Got MNET

Music Network, aka Mnet, is a Korean pop culture channel only offered locally by Time Warner Cable. Other providers may have it, but they do not provide for our location. Thank you, Comcast monopoly.

My thoughts on the channel-

  1. Yay, finally a channel dedicated to k-pop
  2. Wow, I don’t like some of this music
  3. I’ve never heard of some of these groups
  4. Danny From LA just ate a live octopus? Isn’t that animal cruelty?
  5. Thank god there are subtitles for my white, English mind.
  6. so many rap groups act Black wdf
  7. Damn, CJ Entertainment advertises a lot.
  8. I was looking forward to Korean beauty advertisements, but all I see are movie trailers, a Los Angeles theater, and New on Mnet.
  9. Holy fuck we have M Countdown and Superstar K
  10. Alright, I guess I couldĀ see the same things on YouTube
  11. Oh, I have never seen this beauty tips show before…
  12. This blind date looks too good to be true
  13. I am so tired of BIGBANG.

M Countdown was the kind of show I wanted. A variety of music groups perform 1-2 songs on a show. I also have Music Bank on KBS World, but I do not watch KBS otherwise.

Style in Asia and Get It Beauty are 15 minute long shows. Style in Asia displays popular locations around the world (typically East Asia, more in the Philippines). Get It Beauty shows makeup looks (for men and women) and gives me makeup tips.

M Playlist has themed songs. More recently, I was listening to their dismal playlist with my family, and nearly every song had the word “hate” in it. “I Hate Myself”, “Don’t Hate Me”, “Hate You”, etc. I have yet to find a playlist that tickles my fancy.