Review: Mario Badescu Products

I just began a new category of skin care product reviews. Previous posts criticizing products will not be listed under this category but may be found under tags relating to my skin care routine.

This is also correlated with a Blogging U: Writing 101 challenge. The prompt asks me to look for inspiration; my inspiration came from my bathroom cabinet where these products are collecting dust.If you, my reader, know anything about me from my blog, it is that I prefer Korean skin care products because they are made to be layered. Since March, I have noticed Korean skin care trends (snail secretion, cushion BB, “emulsion”, sheet masks, etc.). Pur Minerals and Lancome created their own cushion BB (created by AmorePacific Corporation), Ulta sells various sheet masks, and Garnier offers a cleansing oil on top of other Korean-inspired products. I recognized that Mario Badescu had similar products itself, especially the emulsion section of the catalog.

Long story short, I received 5 free samples from Mario Badescu, so thank you, Mario Badescu company. They also recommended their ubiquitous drying lotion but did not provide a sample. The reviews below are 100% mine and the samples were received for personal reasons, not for review. Price is not a factor in the 5-scale rating, as all these products are priced too high for me and I have no interest in buying them because of that.

Botanical Facial Gel (Cleanser)

Botanical Facial Gel (Cleanser) (4/5)

This Botanical Facial Gel smells delicious; I think it compares to lychee. It does not lather, as it is not a soap, but it seems to cleanse well without overdrying. I have not tried it with makeup and have only used it during the day. Price aside ($14/8 oz), I might buy it if I wanted to preserve my natural oils. The scent is quite persuasive, but I do not plan to get more any time soon.

Special Cleansing Lotion "C"

Special Cleansing Lotion “C” (3/5)

Is this Special Cleansing Lotion “C” overpriced Sea Breeze or something? ($15/8 oz) This dried very well and smelled like alcohol. I am not sure if I prefer alcohol in my toners, but if I did, I would not use this. It was not anything special and I gave it to my dad who uses Sea Breeze regularly.

Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin (0/5)

Never have I felt so upset about a moisturizer like this Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin. I do not think it controlled my oil, but it made my face sticky. I used it 3 times before throwing it away. ($18/2 oz.)

Special Mask for Oily Skin

Special Mask for Oily Skin (5/5)

100% sure this Special Mask for Oily Skin contains calamine, an ingredient also found in the drying lotion. I loved how it dried on my skin. Compared to my mint julep mask, this kept my face dry without letting my oily pores moisten it. See, I often wear these masks overnight to dry my T-zone and various pimples, and the oil seeps through the mint julep mask (though I have had this product for 7 years, so maybe it is just old). The only obstacle keeping me from buying this is the price ($18/2 oz.). I hope I can find a dupe!

Kiwi Face Scrub

Kiwi Face Scrub (2/5)

This Kiwi Face Scrub smells just as delicious as the facial gel. I do not think it scrubs well, as the kiwi seeds get stuck between my fingers. I do not see any purpose to this other than pleasing my nose, but I hope to keep it around just to smell it. ($15/4 oz.)

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