Proud of Myself

It has officially been a year since I last did a Blogging U course. I found the last one very helpful (Blogging 101), despite not doing a good amount of the posts. So many things have happened since then- a cruise, a 4.0 high school GPA, a change of friends. It is all a mystery of what will happen next.It would be hard to skip over the whole cruise part. It was basically the highlight of 2014 (the next best highlight being my brother’s bar mitzvah). Somehow, the cruise opened my eyes to a completely different world whether it was seeing the luxury of running water (which may run out soon, here in California), breaking out of my shell to meet other people, or realizing how people react around (a lack of) money. Dedicating approximately 8 posts to the cruise was not a mistake at all. I reviewed the posts, recollecting memories I would have forgotten otherwise. I would be heartbroken if I ever forgot any piece of this marvelous trip.

School had kicked my ass and prevented me from blogging (also writer’s block). I started college right after getting back from the cruise, and a week after finishing my summer semester, I began my last year of high school. Though I was only 1 of 4 loudest voices in my political science class (and the only non-white passing, liberal, female and feminist of the 4), I passed that class 10 points behind an A (basically a B). For Econ, I sucked at that class terribly and finished with a C, which almost was a D. As a senior in high school, I shaped up. If I did not get straight-As that semester, I would not graduate with an accumulative 4.0 GPA, therefore not graduate in white. (Spoiler alert: I do, indeed, graduate in white this June.) In addition to wonderful grades, I will be receiving an award in a month. My speculation is 1 for GPA over 3.5 and 2 for attaining over 100% (or A+) in Computer Science and AP Calculus AB.

Sacrificing my lunch time to study AP Chemistry came with a price- I lost my current social circle. I suppose it was for the best. If they did not care about me during my absence, they were not worth my presence. I have new friends, now: my chemistry teachers, Jack, Emily, Tawny, Cameron, Ky, Nikki, Jennifer, Terah, Andrea, Kyle, Shu, Jeannie, and many others. Unfortunately, I am not doing well in AP Chemistry anymore, despite my best efforts. I would compare it to my struggle in Econ class. If I cannot pass this class, I fear for my future.

I hope that during the rest of the year, I will survive* college, establish a study habit involving separate time for blogging and free time, and earn my driver’s license.

*Survive meaning getting Bs or better in my classes.

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