My Home: the Desert Garden of Eden

As part of Day 1 from Blogging U’s Photography 101.

My family’s property is filled with plants. We planted most of the plants ourselves (mainly my parents and brother).

Nothing reminds me of being little like the many wall bushes of Lady Banks rose lined up along the driveway.

This cactus would scare me when I walked down my hill as a kid. I did not want to slip on this.

These six trees comprise the family orchard. The four of us worked together to plant and fertilize them last month, so this is a symbol of our family bond.


Trip to Santee Alley + More

I had wanted to visit the Santee Alley since last summer. Somehow, it was easier to convince my mom to take me there once I told her she could buy skincare products for herself. On a school-free Friday in February, my mom, brother, and I woke up at 7AM to take a trip to Los Angeles. Traffic wasn’t too bad. We paid $6 for all-day parking one street away from the Alley, somewhere near the CMC and the Prom district. Continue reading

Korean Cosmetics

All terms related to Korea in this post here-forth will only refer to South Korea.

I am surprised I have not written a post about (South) Korean cosmetics by now.  I searched “korean” in my blog and it turns out I have not blogged about K-Pop, either. I will definitely spend more time writing about my knowledge of Korean culture. Perhaps I should start by saying I’m eating the leftovers of last night’s Korean BBQ (pork belly, spicy pork, and bulgogi). Sometimes, we visit Korean markets in the valley (shout out to Greenland and Galleria. Square, your bulgogi is terrible and that is sad)  and buy different meats and sides for a KBBQ night with our portable grill. Continue reading

Perks of 17.5

Today I turn 17.5 years old. I begin the countdown to adulthood. I’ve heard I’m somewhat sexually legal now, but I’m not sure about that. I could get a driver’s permit without taking driving school (though, I will need driving lessons…)

I wonder what other things I can do now that I am 17.5…